Win: Giraffe Roll Cake

Pin Reaper: Georgia

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: Saw this on pinterest and thought it looked awesome. It didn’t come with a recipe so I used one off the internet. Hit a few snags but all in all it looked great no fail here. Not as professional looking as the original but still a great cake and it tasted awesome too. I’m not a beginner baker so I’m sure people who aren’t used to the kitchen may have some trouble.

My Result:result 

Next Time I Will: I used too much icing in the sponge cake and it cracked slightly but apart from that nothing.




  1. Christina Herron

    I would love to get the recipe if you were willing to share. I wanted to make this for my daughter’s birthday but I was scared since there was no recipe or directions.

  2. shea

    Mmmmm… tasty witchcraft

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