Win: Giraffe Roll Cake

Pin Reaper: Georgia

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: Saw this on pinterest and thought it looked awesome. It didn’t come with a recipe so I used one off the internet. Hit a few snags but all in all it looked great no fail here. Not as professional looking as the original but still a great cake and it tasted awesome too. I’m not a beginner baker so I’m sure people who aren’t used to the kitchen may have some trouble.

My Result:result 

Next Time I Will: I used too much icing in the sponge cake and it cracked slightly but apart from that nothing.




  1. Christina Herron

    I would love to get the recipe if you were willing to share. I wanted to make this for my daughter’s birthday but I was scared since there was no recipe or directions.

  2. shea

    Mmmmm… tasty witchcraft

  3. Evi

    I have tried three times with three different recipes, since the amounts failed or the instructions or the whole damn thing
    Im pretty good in the kitchen so I can tell you for sure that the recipe is all wro g and you will find it in all wrong different recipes
    If you like it then try to make it just like you make any cake roll and use the recipe only for the pattern on top, with no added flour thatmake a cement-like outcome.
    The photos that are on instagram are professional pastry chef’s cake rolls who simply dont tell the actual recipe. And thats that
    Chin up and look luck. Cake rolls should be fun!!!

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