Fail: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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What I Did: Well I love pancakes, I love cinnamon and icing, so I thought I could make this happen. there are so many links and recipes to similar pancakes all over the internet… but they were insanely hard to make. butter and cinnamon was dripping everywhere and I could not get it right! they still tasted really good but looked pretty bad 🙂 We were laughing our heads of and talking about what a massive fail they were 🙂

My Result:


Next Time I Will:  I tried again one other time and made the cinnamon portion thicker, and it helped a bit, but there is a technique to this that I just can’t seem to nail down 😉



  1. Mandy

    I tried these as well. I agree they weren’t as pretty, however they tasted great. I found the sugar concoction will burn very fast

  2. shea

    is it possible to flip a pancake smoothly, carefully, and quick when it has toothpaste thick liquid on top of it?
    the final product looks delicious but the instructions sound impossible

  3. Emily

    I haven’t found a way to get these to work. No matter what you do, you’re flipping basically straight sugar onto your griddle top, which will stick and burn.

  4. Tamera

    I make these pancakes and each time they are different. Sometimes the mixture is too thick, or too thin. I follow the recipe each time. I have found that if you wait until the pancake is almost totally cooked (before adding the cinnamon mixture and flipping) that they work better. I also have to use a really good non-stick pan or they have no hope. Sometimes we just laugh at the mess and eat it anyway.

  5. Maddie

    I made these once and they came out perfect!!

  6. Sarah

    The way to do this right is to cover the swirl with plain batter. Other wise when you flip the pancake the “filling” will only ooze out and burn and you won’t have much of a swirl. Now this does make a bigger pancake, so either make the batter thinner, or make the pancakes smaller, or just make some hefty pancakes. Try my tip and see the difference!

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