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What I Did: My son loves to do arts and crafts! I thought that this would be great because I had an extra canvas from a pervious craft. We bought the letters and started putting the letters where we wanted them. He loves the “You are my Sunshine” song so that is what we decided to do. Instead of finger painting we used brushes and he went to town mixing colors and being creative. We finished and let it dry over night. The next day we started taking off the letters and found that the paint went under the stickers a little. Even with little mishap I think it turned out ok…..

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Not exactly sure what we could do next time to stop the paint from going under the stickers….



  1. Christin

    I think yours looks infinitely better than the original, even with the paint going under the tape.

  2. Jessica

    You can seal the edges of the tape by brushing a thin layer of paint all around the edges of the paint (brushing away from the tape…not mushing the paint under the tape. Then once dry, hand the canvas over to you son for finger painting. Good luck!

  3. Nancy Conklin

    I think you are being too self-critical. This is a happy accident. “my sunshine” glows with the extra paint. Seriously!

  4. Heidi

    I love how the red went under the “my sunshine”, makes me think of the sun burning or the sunny haze on a really hot day!

  5. eva

    yes, you can seal the edges. Best way to do that is the pick a color that matches the underground (aka if you have a white canvas, use white paint) and then you put that on in a thin layer around the edges of the letters (or any sticker) and let dry. That way, there will still be paint under the sticker – but it will be invisible because the color matches the underground. so that seals it.
    fyi that also works with all other forms of painting, even painting your walls with motives, you can seal tape with the underground color.

  6. Jennifer

    I have done some similar stuff with t-shirts. There are a few things you can do to help with the paint-under affect. Use vinyl stickers and rub with credit card so the stay stuck. Also, I recommend either dry brushing or sponge painting, at least around the stickers, then let it dry the hard edges will keep the paint out after that (unless you apply serious amounts of paint or pressure).

    Here are a couple examples I have done with shirts…

  7. HannaRallet Stoddard

    My mother and I have done something similar and we had the same result but then we painted the base white or any colour first so it wont seep under the tape!!

  8. Patty McEvoy

    If you put a layer of mod podge over the letters, they will dry clear and you can peel them right off after they are dry.

  9. Cheyenne

    I agree that yours is better! I’m not sure why no one has said it yet but the original had bleed through as well so certainly a win!

  10. ali grace

    urs has so much texture its way cooler

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