Fail: Beer Bottle Glasses

Pin Reaper: Ashley

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: My husband, Elijah, saw some drinking glasses made out of beer bottles that he really like. I mentioned to him that I saw instructions on how to make them on Pinterest. His eyes lit up and he asked me to immediately show him the instructions so I did and he went out and purchased the supplies right away. It took multiple attempts to even get the glass to crack and unfortunately, when it did, it was not straight.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: I think a glass etcher is needs in order to be successful.




  1. shea

    aren’t red stripe bottles thicker than your average beer bottle?
    i don’t know if that would effect it or not but that may be one of the reasons it didn’t quite work
    but anyways the 11.2 fl oz bottle doesn’t look half bad
    while the 24 oz one looks like you almost set your kitchen on fire @_@ oh my

  2. shea

    i guess the first RS pic was another example @_@

  3. Nikki

    Oh man, my boyfriend and I spent DAYS figuring out how to properly cut wine bottles for a little project we were working on. We finally figured out that it works best if you score a single line (or etch a line as you had mentioned, may take a bit of MacGyvering to get it straight), then dip it in boiling water for 30 seconds, then immediately submerge it in ice water and pull apart.

  4. Tawny

    My husband and I did it with a Bacardi bottle just to try it and it was fairly thick and it worked out just fine. But after doing it he said “I still think a glass cutter would be easier!” Although he was having fun with the whole fire part of it. Guys and fire…

  5. Beth Gibble

    I tried the “acetone soaked cotton string, light it on fire” method on wine bottles. Did not work at all!! So disappointed! All the string did was smolder! I drank so many bottles of wine in hopes that I would have fun “wine bottle” glasses similar to the beer bottle ones! The actual wine drinking was way more fun than my attempt at this!

  6. JDixon

    “Wanna know how I got these scars?”….

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