Fail: Caprese Dip

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What I Did: I hate to admit it, but this is our second attempt at this recipe! We thought we maybe overcooked it the first time, so we tried again… no luck. We followed the directions, but just ended up with this – cheese globs in tomato juice.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I read some of the comments on the recipe blog post, and some people suggested draining the tomatoes of any extra juice. We may go for a third attempt…



  1. shea

    you should just use sundried tomatoes instead
    they taste better anyways
    but that’s just my two cents

  2. Miyaka

    It looks like the tomatoes are too mushy, and thus became a big mess when baked/cooked. Maybe remove the wet parts (the seeds) before baking? That or perhaps swap tomatoes for cherry tomatoes, as the recipe in the picture did.

  3. sydney

    it looks to me like the tomatoes in the original were added after cooking. Anytime i have cooked tomatoes, the skin puckers and those look very fresh and firm.

  4. Sarah

    I agree with Sydney above. Perhaps you could try it again, and let us know?

  5. JoDa

    You can either seed them, or toss them in some salt and let them sit in a mesh strainer over a bowl for a half hour or so to get the liquid out (most of the salt goes with the liquid, so it won’t be overly-salty). Though I agree that it looks like the tomatoes and basil were added at least *later* in the cooking process…just early enough to warm them, not cook them.

  6. AA

    Those tomatoes weren’t cooked. If the directions said do that, they were wrong.
    For this, you’d need to do the cheese first, then add the other ingredients afterward. Use firm tomatoes that are seeded and drained. Cut with a very sharp knife so the tomatoes don’t smush.
    I’m pretty sure this was “directions error.”

  7. K8

    It doesn’t link to the recipe anymore. If I were to guess (looking at the picture), they used grape tomato halves. In my experience roasting them, they don’t have as nearly the amount of water as other tomatoes. It looks like you diced something.

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