Win: Kissing Booth Baby

Pin Reaper: Kristina

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: My best friend for 10 years found out she was pregnant last May, naturally I started planning for the baby shower. THEN came my bright idea for doing newborn pictures. So like any gal my age I went to Pinterest! (Pinterest has totally been a life changer for me)! So I began my search and found many adorable ideas then this came across my page ” Kissing booth baby”, she had her February 3rd so a Valentines day theme was totally appropriate.
I found all my materials;
– Wooden crate
– White spray paint
– Red spray paint
– Cute valentines day props
– Wooden post
– Scrap book paper
– Sequins

I made the letters with a cricut  (So many fun things you can do with that thing!) I modge-podged them onto a hard poster board. Then spray painted the crate and wooden post for the back. Then came attaching them all together. I had bit of a mix up of trying to screw them in to the crate (which I ended up hot gluing ) and I got my thumb permanently imprinted like a screw because my bright idea of grabbing the smoking screw was, well not so bright. I hot glued them all together, set up a black blanket for the backdrop added a few finishing touches and had one of the most adorable photo shoots ever!

I changed the look of pretty much everything from the original pictures, but kept the inspiration.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I loved everything about it, wouldn’t change a thing 🙂



  1. MrsWatkins

    So dang sweet! Turned out adorable!

  2. Jane S.

    SO cute! You did a great job. 🙂

  3. shea

    i’m not a fan of baby pictures (i’m at that age where all my friends are getting married and knocked up and my facebook newsfeed is just babies and weddings, babies and weddings, babies and weddings, weddings for babies)

    yours turned out hundreds time better than the original pin
    so much better that i thought your result was the pinterest post/the inspiration
    not the copycat

  4. leah

    only commenting to say how much better yours looked than the original~ kudos.

  5. AA

    That is terrific!

  6. Dora

    Ummm. This is no where near a fail this is such a WIN! so gorgeous.

  7. sheila

    This turned out so great! I love how colorful yours is!

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