Win: Countertop Makeover

Pin Reaper: Joel

Original Inspiration:, via Inspiration

What I Did: Hello everyone, you may remember me from my Minion Fail from the fall. I am back and redeeming myself! I found this post as a temp fix until my wife and I can afford new counters since we just bought this bungalow. This fix cost me $9 and 2 hours of patience with a side of OCD.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I would of added some better glue behind the window since its cold and peeling off a little after being there for a month. I may peel and redo in the spring to get a better stick.




  1. Pam

    Wow! That looks awesome. I’d be interesting in knowing how well it stands up to the everyday rough life of a countertop. I have done something similar and covered the beige metal cabinetry in my work cubicle with a woodgrain contact paper, with pretty decent results. I never would have thought about this for a home.

    Looks wonderful, and is also a great way to test out different color combinations before making it permanent!

  2. Misty Kearns

    So glad to see my tutorial helped you out Joel! Your counter tops look great. 🙂 Pam, the original tutorial is mine and I have had the contact paper on there for a year & a half. The only issue I have seen is it does shrink up a tiny bit over time/come away from the edges. Other than that it held up great. I don’t have a dishwasher so it gets wet pretty often from washing dishes, I just wipe it dry. I actually just redid my countertops with contact paper again 2 weeks ago because I finally convinced my landlord to let me paint the kitchen & I painted the cabinets too & decided to take the ugly silver banding that was around the cabinets and around the backsplash pieces off. It was a lot easier doing this the 2nd time around and looks so much better without the ugly old silver molding. I’ll be posting my 2nd time covering them with contact paper on my blog this month!

  3. jen

    That great vintage countertop with the Hudy ring(the silver band around the sink) is worth some money. If possible, hit up a retro site or sell it on craigslist. Might make enough to get the new counter you want.

  4. Cindy

    This is INSANE! Who would want a contact paper countertop?? It’s a sticker!! It’s a thin sheet of plastic with adhesive on the back. If it’s just for show, fine, but if it’s for everyday use, this will turn into a disaster. Backsplash, maybe, but as a countertop you won’t able to put anything hot on it, you won’t be able to scrub it, you won’t be able to cut anything on it.

    And even as a backsplash, good luck getting it to line up properly. This stuff sticks hard to the first spot it touches. (Wonder why they don’t make wallpaper with sticker backing?)

    You know why you haven’t seen this on home remodeling shows? Because it’s ridiculous!

  5. Mia

    For the commenter asking about how this holds up: I did this on my kitchen worktops. I took care of it (no hot stuff, no sharp things) and it lasted for 6 years. I just took it off today as I’m in the process of selling the house and it was looking a little worse of wear in places; mainly near the stove and the sink (heat and water the natural enemy of contact paper lol). If I wasn’t selling I probably would have just patched those areas. I loved it.

  6. Gloria

    Maybe some people have the money to change things just when they like, but to me is a plus

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