Fail: White Chocolate Bark Bites

Pin Reaper: Amanda

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What I Did: White chocolate does not melt as smoothly as chocolate and most of my sprinkles seemed to melt. Also, working with melted chocolate is messy!

My Result:Result





  1. Shari

    They don’t look terrible. They are okay. A good question to ask would be, how did they taste?

  2. Pam

    Wonder if they would be easier with those made for melting candy wafers? I have used those for tons of things, and it may be more appropriate here, too.

    Still, regardless of looks, I bet these were still delicious!

  3. Anna

    Instead of putting the sprinkles/candy on the bottom: put the chocolate in first, give them a shake to even them out and sprinkle the candy on top. If your chocolate is too hot, wait a minute before topping with sprinkles. I’ve made chocolate stars for cupcakes that I coated on one side with rainbow sprinkles and that’s what I did. Nothing melted and they looked amazing! Just leave enough room in your mold above the chocolate for the sprinkles.

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