Fail: Bottle Cut

Pin Reaper: Jayme

Original Inspiration: Inspiration

What I Did: The directions clearly state to firmly tap it against something firm after you are done dipping it into cold water. I “tapped” …. it shattered, everywhere. Complete fail.  I changed EVERYTHING about this, and had a success.

My Result:



Next Time I Will: After destroying several more bottles, I found a way to do this without “tapping” the bottle. I loaded up my sink with cold water and put a tray of ice in it. After the string was just ready to go out, I dunked the whole bottle in the water, and it snapped off without ANY force.  And just an FYI… is NOT alcohol that works best with this project. It is 100% acetone! BIG difference.




  1. Pam

    So for a moment, I thought that was a puddle of blood in the fail photo!! Glad you persevered and turned it into a win!

  2. Kelly

    I’m dying! This is sooo funny!

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