1. shea

    if you ever attempt again
    i suggest using those chocolate heart molds
    halving or even quartering the strawberries
    and placing them in the molds

    but either way
    as long as you and your boy enjoyed them
    even if they are chocolate balls in the wrong sense of the word “balls”

  2. Neriad13

    Well…the traditional “heart” shape is actually derivative of a pair of balls, as begun in Roman times. You’re not wrong, you’re merely historically accurate. ^.^

    • Lippy

      Actually, it was supposed to look like the ovaries+fallopian tubes =)

  3. cmgr

    Pins like this are exactly why I hate Pinterest. No instructions on the pin itself, and the recipe link doesn’t explain how to make the strawberry heart shapes AND the photo doesn’t even match what the recipe is describing. Total waste of time.

  4. Storm

    I’m sure as a man your guy found the humor in it. Most guys do. At a Halloween party we did meatballs slow cooked in BBQ sauce and called them Bull Balls. One girl’s boyfriend had a horrified look on his face since he asked before he popped one in so when we told him it was already in his mouth. He then saw we were laughing and realized what they were.

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