15 May

Fail: No Heat Curls

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Pin Reaper: Sarah

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/182888434840844008/


What I Did: I was hoping to get heat free curls. Got a shower, twisted my hair, pinned it up, and left it over night. My hair looked like the sequel to the makeover of Mia in Princess Diaries.

My Result:



Next Time I Will: Use rollers!


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  1. Su says:

    You shouldn’t comb it. Just adjust with your fingers…

    1. Deh says:

      I think this is the most common fail here. You have to wait until your hair settles down. In addition, it seems that the thickness of your hair might help. I don’t have a straight hair, so the only thing I have to do to let it curly is put a rubber band and let it mark my hair, perhaps it can work with you.

      1. Procrastinateher says:

        Looks like that method relies a lot on your hair and the humidity behaving itself.

        For no-heat curls, just apply a shi- a lot of hair mousse to the hair before wrapping it around curlers/foam-covered wire that you used to be able to get for heatless curling/pencils or whatever.

        1. Lafayette says:

          Lol…your picture cracks me up! XD

          1. Ali says:

            Looks like this trick relies on the natural oils in your hair to keep the frizz level down (I say this as someone with natural curls who can’t shampoo more than once a week or my hair gets dried out). Try it again on unwashed hair, maybe?

            Also, if you must comb out for one reason or another, use a wide-tooth comb. They keep curls together (your picture is what my hair looks like when I use a fine-tooth comb on my hair).

            Source: 27 years of having natural curls. Fun fact: Your picture is what my hair looks like when I use a fine comb on my hair.

            1. Jess says:

              I would try maybe putting some morrocan oil in your hair before you twist it up. That may work better for ya. :-)

              1. Amy says:

                I would totally recommend putting some sort of product in your hair. My hair is wavy and i always put a curl control product in before doing this trick. :3

                1. Cara says:

                  Hahaha… I had a pretty good laugh. Your pic is classic! If nothing else, you’re spreading laughter :D lol

                  1. Denise Mayne says:

                    if you have curly hair, you need to do it while your hair is mostly dry.
                    I tried doing wet sin pin curls and ended up like a poodle. NOT GOOD.
                    Also, how you style it afterwards makes a big difference. Tip your head upside done and shake from the roots out.

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