09 May

User Error: Glitter Time-out Jars

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Pin Reaper: Erika

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/48906345923591300/, via http://mycrazyblessedlife.com/2011/10/03/relax-bottletime-out-timer/


What I Did: As soon as I saw the time-out bottles, I knew this was something we could all benefit from. I had shown my Husband the picture, and hoped to get to the craft store sometime soon. A few days later while at work I get a text ” I made a fail timeout bottle and wasted some of your glitter…” I thought how bad could it be?! We were only missing a few ingredients…

My Result:


Next Time I Will:  Advise Husband that palm kernel oil is not a replacement for craft glue, and black pepper is not “black glitter”. There is no saving this.

glitter time out jar pinterest fail black pepper wrong oil

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  1. Frau_Mahlzahn says:

    If you want my honest opinion, the only thing really works out for a three year old throwing a tantrum is a punching bag, ;-). (And so cute to see them work out on it, makes you loves them all the more, ;-))

    1. Teresa says:

      This is one of my Pinterest wins! Just remember the super glue the cap back onto the bottle so little ones can’t open it and it’s a fun ‘calm down’ activity.

      1. kittentoes says:

        Did you keep a straight face or just fall down laughing?

        1. Jessica says:

          I have NOT laughed THAT hard in a long, long time!!!

          1. Erika says:

            I forgot I sent this in, and I saw it on the site today, and laughed so hard I started crying. My husband says “Its not that bad, it could have worked!”

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