Fail: Giant Frozen Marbles

Pin Reaper: Melissa

Original Inspiration:
pinterest fail winter marbles inspiration

What I Did: I was checking pinterest and noticed a cool pin where you add food coloring to a balloon then fill the balloon with water and let it freeze then when it freezes, you are supposed to cut the balloon and it looks really cool. I guess I wasn’t patient enough because only the outside of the balloon was frozen so when I cut the balloon, red water poured out of the inside and now our front yard looks like a murder scene. On the bright side, we probably will not have to worry about anyone burglarizing our house.

My Result:
pinterest fail winter marbles resultpinterest fail winter marbles storyboard


  1. mandy

    Commentary is priceless lol

  2. Débora

    User error.

  3. shea

    this is definitely user error
    but it is an enjoyable one

    patience you must have, my young padawan
    i hope you try it again and are successful
    i’m in texas
    and we don’t get many opportunities to do this
    because we go through winter and spring in the same day

  4. Procrastinateher

    I like it. Needs a failed snowman lying nearby.

    Lucky people who get snow in their part of the world. Look at the potential for snow art with just a little food dye – especially if your snow falls in one big heap then stays kind of consistent.

  5. Débora

    Pracrastinateher, snow is amazing… for a couple of days. Then you get all the drawbacks for over a month.

  6. becky

    I so needed a laugh today!!!!!!! This is soooooooo funny and I SO respect the people here who are such good sports and can laugh at themselves! I think I would have ended up with the same result because I would have been too impatient to wait for them to freeze all the way.

  7. Laurie

    This has to be the best “Fail” yet! Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Karen

    Needed the LAUGH. Brought tears to my eyes. AND I don’t think I’ll bother with this

  9. blu_canary

    *LMAO* I LOVE this fail. Love it, love it, love it. There really does need to be a partially obliterated snowman sitting beside it, though!

    I wanted to build snow goons this year (ala Calvin and Hobbes), but by the time it warmed up enough for the snow to stick, it was so deep and I was so sick of winter, I didn’t want to play in it. Shoveling it was bad enough.

  10. Time for new

    Time for a new post, dont ya think? It’s May 3rd, lots of spring and summer fails I’m sure. Let’s get some new stuff up! 🙂

  11. Stephanie

    Looks like the set of the movie Fargo.

  12. Dawn

    Ummm, this has been up forever now…did this site get abandoned? Need New Posts!

  13. Libster

    I was just wondering why there aren’t any new post.

  14. AA

    I was wondering the same thing. I keep checking back just in case.

  15. Alisa

    Awesome user fail.

    I’ve made these, in my freezer for the kids to play with in the sun. They were easy to make and fun to play with.

  16. Jessica

    Oh my WORD! I cannot stop laughing. Literally…almost ROFL!!

  17. Dorey

    hahaha this is great. maybe next time cut the baloon off in the sink or over a container/trashcan first. 🙂

  18. Cordelia

    We did this too, in Canada, in tonnes of snow they never froze. EVER. We left them for weeks as they slowly broke making a horrible mess that was quickly buried in more snow! The kids had fun filling the balloons, though.

  19. Nat

    oh what great memories…i tried this here in toronto a couple winters ago…they semi froze and almost got frostbite carrying them outside…(they weren’t freezing outside so i put them in the freezer). My fingers were burning so much i tripped going up the stairs…ugh…

  20. Elise

    Wait, how would these freeze round? When you place your balloon outside it would become have a flat bottom.

  21. Kathleen

    I made them just a few weeks ago. They came out nicely .

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