18 Apr

Fail: Miniature Caramel Apples

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Pin Reaper: Rosa

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/370139663095816536/
pinterest fail mini caramel apples inspiration

What I Did: This will be a fun fall treat to take to my staff meeting at work tomorrow, right?
Apples, broken toothpicks, and caramel sludge are always a hit.

My Result:
pinterest fail mini caramel apples resultpinterest fail mini caramel apples storyboard

Comments on this post
  1. shea says:

    we’re slowly getting better at this
    i suggest reading the comments from the last caramel apple fail
    there were some helpful tips


    1. Jenna says:

      This comment made me laugh Shea :)

      1. Winter says:

        Why are you posting mini caramel apples AGAIN? So annoying. And why are you freaking doing autumn and winter fails in the almost-spring? You suck.

        1. Emily says:

          It looks like you peeled the apples before putting caramel on them, that’s why it didn’t stick to the apples.
          Or since you cored them.
          Caramel will only stick to the peel!

          1. shea says:

            woah woah woah! chillax, winter
            sometimes things are sent in a little late
            but even so
            caramel apples is always a delicious treat. always
            (yes i know the reference/OP is fall themed)

            and hey
            at least it’s not the bunny rolls again
            (of course seeing as it is easter some posts from today’s fails may be coming soon)

            but seriously
            if you are so in need of seeing more fails
            may i suggest

            or perhaps you could try something new and different from pinterest
            and post your results here

            either way no one is forcing you to use this site
            or so i hope
            if you are being forced to this site beyond your will
            please seek help

            1. Srsly says:

              God, Winter, why are you using a winter username in the almost-spring? You suck.

              Honestly, if you’re upset with the content of this free website that you’re choosing to visit, find another one to troll. There’s literally millions out there. Go bitch somewhere else.

              1. Shannon says:

                Wow, harsh much?

                1. mmhmm says:

                  hey that is just mean. I’m only 9 and that is not ok if you ever see this again APOLIGIZE!
                  :-O I just realized you 2 are both being mean you both apoligize

                  1. Southern Hemisphere says:

                    Dear Winter,

                    Northerner isn’t the only hemisphere on the planet. Or reading this website.


                    1. Marty says:

                      You can’t just dip peeled apples in caramel and expect it to stick. It will slide right off. Looks like user error.

                      1. Anna says:

                        It will work better if you use the whole apple and caramel specifically for caramel apples. Otherwise you’d be better off slicing apples and serving with caramel dip. Less messy and just as delicious.

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