17 Apr

Fail: Cherry Cheese Candy Canes

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Pin Reaper: Chasaidy C

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/282600945341404662/
pinterest fail cherry cream cheese danish inspiration

What I Did: I am incapable of creating recognizable shapes out of crescent rolls.

My Result:
pinterest fail cherry cream cheese danish result

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  1. Dawn says:

    roflmbo! OMG lololol…I needed that laugh! Omg I can’t breathe! (Sorry but this looks SO much like how all my stuff turns out!)

    1. Shelley Prescott says:

      The first looks pre baked. I wouldn’t feel bad.

      1. q says:

        It’s a stocking now! :D

        1. Libster says:

          I’m sure it tasted good though.

          A few points
          The pinterest photos look like the candy cane is lightly baked or the photo was taken before it was baked. Hence the lighter color.

          Secondly dough always snaps back when you stretch it out. make sure your working with enough dough to make the shape.

          and your stripes are more triangular than rectangle try making them more rectangular and they will work better.

          I’m sure it tasted delicious though.

          1. Chasaidy C. says:

            That’s what my family said q, “We like stockings better anyway.”

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