15 Apr

Fail: Ice Skating Penguin Cookies

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Pin Reaper: Deb

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/33354853464046659/
pinterest fail ice skating penguin cookies inspiration

What I Did: We saw these cute cookies and thought they would be fun to make. We used store bought dough and frosting and could not find the very specific candy required for the recipe so our penguins are a little chubby.

My Result:
pinterest fail ice skating penguin cookies result
Next Time I Will: I doubt we will ever make these again but we might consider using a thiner icing…
pinterest fail ice skating penguin cookies stordyboarded

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  1. shea says:

    these could’ve been MUCH worse
    i think you did a great job
    plus they probably tasted good

    1. Bobbie says:

      I agree. They are cute, and I believe thinner icing would make them much better.

      1. Kathy says:

        If you laid the candy on its side, these would be darling floating penquins for summer. I definitely don’t think they are a fail.

        1. kittentoes says:

          I don’t think this is a fail. Sure, one or two look like they fell on the ice, but they are adorable.

          1. Elaine says:

            I think this is a WIN! They are adorable!

            1. Libster says:

              these are cute.

              You can add a little water or milk to the icing to thin it out if that is what you wanted.


              1. Rebecca Baldwin says:

                These are just too cute. You should be proud of yourself.

                1. literarygal says:

                  I think these are pretty great for a 1st time try. I think most of the ones in the pictures are by very experienced bakers. Your next couple batches will be perfect.

                  1. Jessica says:

                    Very cute!!

                    1. rickieleigh says:

                      The original Pinner used a shiny royal icing glaze instead of frosting, which pools out and looks very smooth. Its what they use for all those super fancy piped and flooded sugar cookies. Other than that I like your cookies! The penguins are adorable.

                      1. CAC says:

                        I mean… these just look like penguins in hot tubs to me. Definitely a win.

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