1. shea

    how is this not user error….?

  2. junebug

    you have to let a cake cool… A LOT… before putting on icing. You can just slap a few things together try to blame pinterest. I messed a few cakes up in my years because I was impatient.

  3. Libster

    this is most definitely user error.

    I really don’t see how any of the directions were followed here.

    But a few tips anyway.

    1. Use different sized cake pans to get the desired tiered look. You cake pans are too close to the same size.

    2. Let the cake cool completely before icing. I like to do a crumb coat first and the top coat then seems to stick with no crumbs showing.

    3. Did you make your own icing? Icing a cake should be done with a medium consistency icing. I would suggesting making your own icings as the store bought brands at the store are usually pretty oily.

    4. You can use a piping bag with icing and a tip to create a border around the top of the cake so you don’t have a pumpkin avalanche.

    Try again. Good Luck

  4. Daisy

    Ummm….. even if the icing didn’t melt off, this would have looked nothing like the original. It is pretty hilarious, though.

  5. Colleen

    Why on earth would someone frost a cake on a jelly roll pan?

  6. Winter

    Another fake submission. Awesome work, Jenna. Much single working mom.

  7. shea

    what’s a fake submission?
    and what is this about a single working mom?
    i am very lost.

  8. AA

    I think you probably shouldn’t try a wedding cake if you have yet to make a successful one-layer cake.
    As Colleen pointed out, the cake should be frosted on the platter it is to be presented on. All the blogs and all the cookbooks will tell you to put strips of wax paper on the bottom so the platter doesn’t get dirty while frosting. Since you didn’t, I know that you never even checked to see how this was done before getting started.
    Also, they’ll all tell you to cool the cake completely before frosting. Since practically all cake instructions tell you this, I know you didn’t read them.
    How do you expect to do something right if you’ve never read any instructions or watched any videos showing how it is done?
    I could point out other mistakes but I won’t bother. First, read or watch the instructions. Then attempt to make a cake. And DO start out with a smaller project.

  9. shea

    ^that right there

    thank you, aa, thank you!

  10. Débora

    It has nothing to do with the pinterest picture and I couldn’t agree more with AA.

  11. Sandra

    Winter, you are so negative! I needed a laugh and Jenna delivered!!!

  12. Chris

    They dnt even try!

  13. Sandy Lovern

    I find this sooooo hilarious ! I made this cake for the Michigan State Fair and it took First Place. Check out my cake album on facebook. Hahaha!

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