26 Mar

Fail: Oreo Cookie ‘Suckers’

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Pin Reaper: Melania

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/554787247816920320/
pinterest fail oreo cookie sucker inspiration

What I Did: I thought this would be an easy, no-cook way to make cookies for my contribution to the dessert display at our annual progressive dinner. The “lids” kept falling off or I didn’t realize the cookies were cracked so they broke apart as I was dipping them. Or they slipped off the stick. Ugg! At this point, I’m still wondering “How does she. . .”

My Result:
pinterest fail oreo cookie sucker result

Next Time I Will: I guess it wasn’t a complete fail, my kids got to eat that pile of chocolate and Oreos – which is more than I would normally allow them to have in one sitting. No, I don’t think I’ll attempt this again.
pinterest fail oreo cookie sucker storyboard

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  1. Amber says:

    These can work, I have made them. Did you follow the directions of putting some melted chocolate on the stick before you put them in the cookie?

    1. Winter says:

      Another post that works really well if you follow the directions. It also helps to separate the cookies, place the stick, then freeze them for awhile, they are less likely to get “gooey” when dipped in the warm chocolate and they won’t loosen up and fall apart.

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