User Error: Paper Snowflakes

Pin Reaper: Jenny

Original Inspiration:
Pinterest Fail paper snowflakes inspiration

What I Did: I used to make tons of these as a kid. How hard could it be, right? I even watched a YouTube video before attempting. I really have no idea where I went wrong.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail paper snowflakes result

Next Time I Will: I tried again with coffee filters based on a suggestion by The Artful Parent blog and that worked great. You don’t have to worry about getting the paper round.

Pinterest Fail paper snowflakes storyboard


  1. Mandy

    You almost had it. You cut along the wrong edge of the folded paper/filter

  2. malat

    you have folded it in wrong direction – the center of the paper must be in the narrow part of the triangle. I hope you’ll understand what I have just said.

  3. sara

    its okay, i don’t know how to make them either, and im still a kid… lol

  4. Di

    man I howled when I saw this one – I was thinking “how can you screw up paper snowflakes?”

  5. Kelly

    This is one of the funniest. I needed a good laugh thanks.

  6. Erin M Loganbill

    My mother taught me to make these as a child. I have been teaching 10-12 year-olds for 30 years, and make these with every class. It is critical, after the first two folds, to find the corner that is actually the center of the original paper, and make your diagonal folds from that point. If you do this, your snowflake with not fall into two pieces. See attached link.
    This is the best set of online instructions I’ve found:

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