1. Brittany

    I have made these before, but what I found to make them work was using a sugar cookie recipe from scratch. There is something about the already made dough that makes these fall flat (literally!)

  2. Lynn

    The famous pinwheel cookie recipe. These have been the bane of all bakers and pinners!!

  3. Lisa

    I actually made these and succeeded. They were beautiful and delicious, although a little time consuming. Honestly not that hard either!

  4. Daffeney Dortly

    I’ve successfully made these cookies using homemade sugar cookie dough. The hardest parts for me was getting the sprinkles to stay on the dough.

  5. ashley

    I’ve made similar cookies, shaped like micky head. One large pinwheel and two small. I used homemade dough, and refrigerated after every step. That’s the most important part, keeping the butter in the dough cool will help the cookie keep its shape.

  6. Erin

    I made these cookies this past Christmas and they were so easy! I used Walking On Sunshine’s recipe– great tutorial on her blog. The kids loved them too!

  7. Lara

    These are fine if the recipe was for Cervix Cookies! 🙂

  8. nikki craddock

    how can you mess these up? they are sooo simple and easy, i make these for my sons school all the time and for christmas. easy cookies.

  9. Erin

    I make these every year! Not sure how you messed them up because they are so easy! I always use Walking on Sunshine’s recipe.

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