17 Mar

Fail: Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

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[No green submission in the immediate queue, so let's go with the next best match for St. Patrick's day - booze!]

Pin Reaper: Amy

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/118008452710233431/, via http://www.buzzfeed.com/emofly/how-to-make-strawberry-margarita-jello-shots

pinterest fail strawberry margarita jello shots inspiration

What I Did: This looked perfect for a summer BBQ. Bonus – it was certain to impress everyone. I followed the directions as best I could….the resulting Jello blob mess got thrown into a boozy bowl.

My Result:

pinterest fail strawberry margarita jello shots result

Next Time I Will: There is no world in which a mortal can do this.

pinterest fail strawberry margarita jello shots storyboard

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  1. Libster says:

    Looks like they tipped and leaked.

    One thought I had was to freeze the strawberries after you hull out the middle so they are nice and firm when you put the liquid in.

    Another idea is to try to separate them into partitions using maybe a cupcake pan? That way if one tips or leaks it doesn’t affect the others.

    At lease these were still edible you could of made a froze blended drink with these as well.

    1. Dawn says:

      HOW did the inspiration shot of the strawberries standing on end on the plate even happen?

      1. Libster says:

        They cut the bottoms off to make them stand up. Good knife skills or you can try using a mandolin very carefully to get it level.

        1. shea says:

          dawn, witchcraft
          that is how they they got them to stand
          that is how they are so darn PERFECT
          pure, unadulterated witchcraft

          1. Marcia says:

            Here’s how I made this it should work.

            i cut the tip off the bottom
            hulled the middle which is crazy hard
            Put them in the freezer to harden a little while I mixed the jello
            Once the jello is mixed chill it just slightly about 10-15 minutes
            Then take the strawberries and put 2-3 in each hole on a cupcake pan
            Then pour the jello mixture into the slots – it should not be too stiff
            Put in frig to chill rest of the way

            1. Erin says:

              I’ve made these dozens of times for parties! It’s just a simple hulled strawberry with the tip cut off so it can stand up on its own. It doesn’t take “good knife skills” at all.

              Honestly, anyone with two hands and a knife should be able to this with no problem. I have no idea where you went wrong.

              1. Ash says:

                Too funny. But you are brave for trying. I usually see these types of pins all over pinterest and sometimes I even pin them (like the cheesecake one, and I may actually have this one pinned too), but I think about having to empty out all of those strawberries and get overwhelmed just at the thought!

                I know there are strawberry hullers on the market, though. The place I work sells one for $8: http://www.kitchenova.com/Chefn-Stem-Gem-Strawberry-Huller_p_160.html

                I don’t know how well it would work for this kind of project though, but now I’m tempted to try one out and see if it would make this kind of project a little easier.

                1. OHSue says:

                  Put them in an egg carton to stand upright. Freezing them ahead of time a bit helps the Jello set quicker so they are stable. Once the Jello is fully set it doesn’t matter if they stay upright. But if you line the egg carton with foil it can also be used as a serving tray.

                  1. Bee says:

                    I’ve made this a few times and they came out great! The first time was a disaster though!

                    You have to slice a bit of the bottom off so they will stay upright. And then you have to be very careful when hollowing them out to not get too close to the bottom, or they will leak.

                    It’s tricky, but just takes practice!

                    1. Jaci says:

                      Looks to me like the tops of the strawberries I can see are not hulled.

                      1. LMAO says:

                        wtf they look like bloody penises

                        1. Libby says:

                          I have a friend who makes these and she cuts off the point of the strawberries on the bottom to help them balance on a pan.

                          1. Chris says:

                            I’ve made these, albeit a little less complex. No lime, etc. But you slice off the bottom of the strawberry and you’re pretty good. Yeah, a few may be lopsided, but they still taste delicious!

                            1. Jessica says:

                              It’s funny to me how people give comments on how to do it right. I cannot stop laughing hard enough to think straight, much less give instructions. :) I could not do it any better myself and maybe that’s why ALL of these fails are so funny to me. You get an A for comedy. :)


                              1. lisa says:

                                BTW I have made these but after cutting the bottom flat I dipped in a small bit of chocolate and let harden

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