1. Kelley

    Sorry, I know it’s wrong, but this one made me smile. I can only imagine what your “photo shoot” must have been like. 😉

  2. Daisy

    It’s OK, your baby will be a fine health and safety inspector! I’m kind of freaking out at letting a child put electricals near their mouth.

  3. Libster

    I love this! It screams real life baby! 🙂

    It’s a keeper in my book! Think about the memories you’ll have for years to come.

  4. Meg

    I like yours better–much more realistic. I mean, who DOESN’T feel like that at some point during the holidays? 😉

  5. OHSue

    When my kid was this little he would have peed on the whole thing and shorted out the lights and probably gotten electrocuted.

  6. Di

    Hilarious!! there’s real life for ya 🙂

  7. CB

    THIS IS NOT SAFE! There was a child in our area who was electrocuted.

  8. Sigh

    This one really bothers me. Aside from the questionable safety of letting a kid put lights in their mouth, have you ever read the package your Christmas lights come in? Most say to wash your hands after handling because they contain lead. If they warrant a label for adults your baby shouldn’t be touching/licking them!

  9. Julie

    hahaha, this is the best thing I have seen all day! I can appreciate that concept as the daughter of a photographer who staged elaborate (and probably unsafe by modern standards) photo shoots of my brother and I as children. Sure we were photo’ed sitting on train tracks and putting metal tools in our mouth instead of baby rattles, but we have the best childhood pics ever.

  10. becky

    sorry to those that this bothers but, i found this HI sterical! Thank you for sharing!

  11. arianna

    we did this with my baby brother and it worked fine he smiled and everything but the again we had a photographer wait not pro though and we took it in our dining room so

  12. Maryade

    I really wouldn’t do this with anything other than modern LED lights, and even then I wouldn’t.

    But a couple of tips for taking pics of your son with different props:
    1- Iron the sheet, otherwise it looks distracting.

    2- Studios also separately light their backdrops with lights. You could try for something similar with an angle-poise lamp aimed at the wall, but only with a “daytime” bulb, which is usually blue. Otherwise the colour from the incandescent/fluorescent bulb will throw an odd yellow/green cast on your child.

    3- set your son up a metre or more away from the wall and use the portrait setting on your camera (the one that looks like a head). This will help to naturally blur out the background and keep focus in the child. (I’m sorry to assume that you’re not a hobbyist photographer, but most of these types of fails are by people with little point-and-shoots who rarely use anything other than full auto. Again I apologise for any offense caused, as I’m genuinely trying to be helpful not hurtful)

    4- avoid using the on-board camera flash at full power. This usually casts an unflattering skin tone. Experiment with the lower-powered fill-in-flash setting.

    Otherwise I think you have the more realistic shot of the two 😉

  13. Brittany

    Your shot is so cute:) I wouldn’t let my baby put lights in their mouth either

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