User Error: Pinata Cake

[Note that the Reaper did not use the recipe provided by Claire K Creations. The Fail here is the method of hollowing out a cake and filling it with candy, combined with the (unknown to us) cake recipe that was used.]

Pin Reaper: Queen’s Kid

Original Inspiration:, via



What I Did: We wanted to make this cake for Halloween so we decided to make the icing orange instead of swirl. You have to make two cakes in bowls so they are round. They didn’t hollow out well – no idea how they got the one in the picture so round! Basically, when we tried to ice them together, they fell apart and turned into a big gooey mess.

My Result:


Next Time I Will:  No way our cake could have been saved but light and fluffy mix does NOT work for this project so try thicker cake mix!

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  1. Stacey

    I think this has been mentioned before… but not following the recipe isn’t exactly a helpful, informative or entertaining “fail”. It would really help elevate your site and distinguish it from other similar sites if you only featured “fails” that actually followed the instructions.
    Posting things like this (in my opinion) is just a waste of time. These people obviously didn’t even try.

  2. Mandy

    This made me laugh extremely hard lol

  3. Colleen

    “light and fluffy mix does NOT work for this project”—of course not! That’s why the directions said to use a pound cake or something of similar density. How could anyone expect a “light and fluffy” cake to stay structurally sound for this?

  4. lexi

    I guess I dont get why this is a fail when it wasn’t even what the Pin was telling her to do. Changing the entire recipe then calling it a fail? It specifically calls for pound cake….

  5. Teepa

    Instead of glopping frosting on top, OP could have squished up the failed cake and fashioned it into cake pops or a filling for a torte. I feel bad for anyone subjected to the outcome of this, as well as OP for giving up instead of turning their failure around.

  6. Brooke

    It was labeled user error people!

  7. Meredith

    Following the instructions exactly or not, I love reading all the attempts. Everything is trial by error. Keep them coming!

  8. Dawn

    It would be a REAL fail if they had attempted to follow the instructions for, and messed up, the 4 color icing swirls.

  9. Colleen

    Brooke, it was not labelled as User Error when it was originally posted. I for one felt like the editorial note at the top was to try to defend the pin as not being user error.

  10. Ashley

    Whether or not it says ‘user error’, my two cents is that blatant user error submissions shouldn’t be used at all. Funny fails are when you actually follow the directions and it still doesn’t come out as promised. It seems like there have been a ton of these lately and it’s getting kinda old. Just because someone doesn’t know how to follow directions doesn’t make the original idea a fail.

  11. Patty

    Hey everyone! This is suppose to be a funny, light-hearted website. Lighten-up! : )

  12. Yheezuz

    I think Stacy takes arts and crafts a bit too seriously. There is a life beyond the craft book.

  13. Taster of this fail`

    it may have looked gross but it tasted good!!! Stop hating people, at least they tried.

  14. Libster

    This is hilarious!
    Hard to comment on the recipe since it wasn’t followed but I would have loved to see the inside of the cake.
    Remember to let your cake cool before you frost your cake, otherwise your frosting will melt.

  15. Wendy

    Ignoring the debate for the moment, I’m going to focus on the pout about how they didn’t know how the cakes were cooked so round then hollowed, and address it. They most likely used a Betty Crocker Bake ‘N’ Fill pan. Used to be like $20 for the set. But now they’re hard to find and last I heard discontinued, so you’re looking at $50 and up if you don’t want used.

  16. CharlotteVera

    Here’s my theory about crafters: some crafters really, really like following instructions and some prefer a less rule-bound approach. The former might be more goal-oriented and probably have higher success rates than the latter. However, as someone who finds following step-by-step instruction tedious and is always in search of creative alternatives to a set task, I’m all in favour of these so-called “user error” posts. I mean really, this is a light-hearted site designed to appeal to the diverse community of crafters. We all craft in different ways, can’t we all fail in different ways without getting all tetchy about it?

    Some of my favourite posts have been User Error posts, in part because they’re funny, but also because they warn me away from ideas I may have come up with on my own. Also, I think the distinction’s rather silly, but that again is because of my own preferred method of crafting. To others it’s obviously very important.

    • Jenna

      CharlotteVera – I really like your theory. Probably because I’m one of those latter crafters that you described!

  17. Patty

    Everyone is over-thinking this. Lighten up and have fun with this site! Some things are just funny.

  18. CharlotteVera

    Perhaps I should add that I actually have big respect for those more by-the-book crafters because I just can’t do it — if I try to follow instructions exactly I tend to become bored and quit or give up.

  19. Shannon

    I am totally the sort of person who, when cooking, reads things thoroughly (or so I think at the time) only to miss parts or realise I overlooked something like an ingredient or tool and then just go, ‘Screw it, I’ll use what I have got and hope for the best’. I would probably have tried a different cake mix for this one if I hadn’t read too carefully.

    This is totally the stupid sort of shit I would do so I love saying it. User fail is still a humorous fail.

  20. Karin

    I’m glad this was posted as a fail even if the directions weren’t followed. Part of learning is also learning the importance of using the right cake. I, for one, might have tried a different cake without realizing how significant the cake type really was!

  21. Kimber

    I’m one who likes to dive in and try new ideas on my own – I follow directions, but am apt to stray from the instructional path. So, these user fails where people are complaining that they didn’t follow the instructions – that’s my style LOL. The fails may be because they didn’t follow the instructions to the T. But also, some of the greatest inventions were from those who strayed from the way things were suppose to be done.

  22. alex

    Wow…this site is very hostile lol. I came onto this site for laughs and possibly some good advice, but the responses rip the poor poster to shreds and argue with each other. I’m sure her intentions were

    • Jen

      I’m with you!!! Even if the author didn’t follow the directions to the “T”, her results were still hilarious…the fact that people were getting nasty because of this is sad.

  23. Erin

    It’s obvious the poster didn’t even try. They didn’t even bother to look at what they were pinning before they attempted it. If they had, they would have known to use pound cake, and this trainwreck wouldn’t have happened (at least, not the structural-integrity-trainwreck; the frosting, on the other hand…).

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