Fail: Red and White Sugar Cookie Pinwheels, Part II

Part I

Pin Reaper: Heather

Original Inspiration:, via


What I Did: Thought these looked pretty. Not sure what happened. Used store bought dough. The other cookie on sheet shows how huge the “fail” cookies got.

My Result:

pinterest fail cookie pinwheel red and white




  1. eileensideways

    lol! theirs must be a product of photoshop. how did they taste?

  2. phoebe

    You need dough formulated to not spread, and a ton of gel or powder food coloring.

  3. Dawn

    I just don’t think the Pinterest cookies looked baked, they still look like raw dough. And the other poster was right you need a LOT of food coloring. BUT any kid I have ever met would LOVE your giant pinwheel cookies! If they had no knowledge of the “inspiration” cookies, they would think these were so cool!

  4. pita

    try freezing the cookies on the baking sheet after you cut them. the colder they are when they go into the oven, the less they’ll spread. (of course, they still probably won’t turn out as perfect as in the pinterest picture haha…but i like doing this because they end up thicker and softer on the inside.)

    • Zanadu

      Best profile pic ever from the best musical ever!

  5. Delta

    I’ve made these with great success – the key is making your own dough (as the original pin recommended) intead of using store-bought dough, and chilling it in the fridge for 12 hours prior to slicing and baking.

  6. Lynn

    Let me share a baking tip for all my pinterest friends- the product in the pinned picture has usually been doctored up or “cheated” to look this good. The picture could have been done pre-baked or even if it were baked, they may paint the stripes with a food-safe gel pen.

    Another thing, never use store bought cookie dough for things like these. Sugar cookie dough is very soft and will never work well if trying to color it or roll in a certain shape.

    Thirdly, these cookies were most likely using a powder or gel color base, as regular food coloring makes the dough wet and a light pink instead of red.

    It’s a lot more work in the end, and I think it’s unfair pins like this make the user think they can just whip something up like this as you would a normal cookie. At least be honest in your pins and pictures, people! I’ve been disappointed in so many recipes because the pictures were very dishonest in how the real product would turn out (without all the extra “cheat” methods).

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  7. pffft

    I have made cookies like that. You can’t use store bought dough. The recipe on the site is VERY easy, why not try that?
    Also, they used a TABLESPOON of gel food coloring. That is A LOT of food coloring. If you don’t use that much you won’t get a vibrant color.
    Also, they sliced the log into 1/2″ slices and only baked the cookies for 10-12 minutes, hence the lack of spreading. THe cookies probably cooked just enough from residual heat to not be raw but I assume they were squishy on the inside (which is how I like them).

    This is a fail insofar as you didn’t even try. If you want a certain result you have to follow a certain process. You can’t just turn everything into a shortcut and expect the same results.

  8. Stefanie

    I’ve made pinwheel cookies before, but they were chocolate and vanilla, not quite the same as these. They turned out so well! I agree with the above commenters that you need to actually make the dough instead of using store bought. It’s a different consistency (much firmer), and you have to let it chill multiple times. If I remember correctly, I made the dough and formed the two flavors into two slabs each and let the slabs chill. Then I rolled the slabs out, placed one rolled dough flavor on top of the other, rolled them up and let them chill again. Then I cut them into cookies. At that point, because they have chilled for so long, the dough was very firm.

    My finished product looked very similar to the pin, so I don’t think there was photoshop involved. I also don’t think they took a picture of the raw dough and tried to pass it off as baked. If you go to the original recipe, you can see her pictures of the raw cookies vs the ones in the pin.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to offer some encouragement and advice! I don’t think this pin is a fail, but you have to make sure to follow the directions carefully!

  9. Dawn

    ^^Very good tips, Lynn!^^

  10. Cyndra

    The “fail” doesn’t actually look that bad. They’re not perfect, but the idea is there and they look edible. I’d say that’s a win. Lol!

  11. Libster

    I agree with the above comments.
    1. This isn’t a fail but a very good rendition
    2. It could be doctored and if it isn’t if you know anything about red food coloring you’ll know it honestly taste horrible. It takes a lot of work to mix dyes that taste decent
    3. This super color red dye in the first photo does look a bit doctored and the cookies don’t look quite baked.
    4. Good tips above as well and the non spreading dough must be a must
    5. You could keep this recipe for pink swirl cookies for Easter, just spread them apart a little bit more so you don’t crown them.

  12. huh?

    why is there a chocolate cookie in the pan?

  13. nikki craddock

    these are super simple cookies………i make them every year… just have to use more color and less time in the oven. they are my “easy go to” cookie when my son needs something for school!

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