29 Jan

Fail: Sweet Potato Fries

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Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/459859811922779470/, via http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/guaranteed-crispy-sweet-potato-fries-sriracha-mayo-dip/


What I Did: I have to admit I was pretty skeptical whether the potatoes would even cook in only 15 minutes let alone what they would taste like! I’m happy to report that they were completely cooked inside and I cut them the same size as the picture from the recipe. I didn’t end up soaking them in water, I can’t see that it would have made any difference. So first off, they look ok. Some were a little goopy where the olive oil settled under the fries but generally, they looked more or less like they should. They even tasted pretty good; I made a little dip with some mayonnaise, some curry powder and a little turmeric. BUT, I could not get past the texture! I did not go over board with the cornstarch and some didn’t even look like they had any cornstarch on them, but the texture was like eating cotton balls stuffed with sweet potatoes.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I’m going to try these again but I’m not putting the fries in a plastic bag with the cornstarch. Instead, I’ll put them on a rack and dust them with the cornstarch using a sieve.

sweet potato fries fail

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  1. Elizabeth S says:

    That soak in water is important, and may be why the texture didn’t work out the way this person wanted. See http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/01/perfect-french-fries/ for discussion.

    1. beth says:

      Soaking them in water will help them get crispy by drawing out extra moisture ( I know it seems counter intuitive but it works, I soak regular fries before baking them and they get extra crispy).

      1. junebug says:

        There’s a good chance the fries in the original pic were deep fried. It is hard to bake sweet potato fries. I have been trying for ages now. It’s just not the same as a proper deep fryer.

        1. Misty says:

          I agree the initial picture looks fried. I do soak them and then pat them dry, I wouldn’t use cornstarch though, that sounds gross!

          1. Maddy says:

            The soak is critical for getting the perfect texture! :) I bake sweet potato and potato fries/wedges/cubes all the time, usually without flour or cornstarch – just some oil/butter and something to season it (salt and rosemary is a favorite; other herbs can be nice, and steak seasoning is awesome on regular potatoes). Soaking overnight/all day is optimal. Give it a shot like that one day and let us know how it works out!

            1. JBug says:

              I did soak mine and followed the directions to a T. Limp. Maybe oil then cornstarch? who knows. I have better luck with no soak or cornstarch and just tossing them in olive oil and baking.

              1. The Art of Doing Stuff says:

                It’s me. Karen. The originator of the Sweet Potato Fry post over at The Art of Doing Stuff. In response to everyone who says the fries look like they were done in a deep fryer … they were not. As I state in the post they are baked in the oven. Soaking is important. And if you find they aren’t turning out chances are you’ve either a) crowded the pan with too many fries, b) used too much cornstarch or c) used not enough oil. It’s all about balance and it may take a few tries to figure it out. It does work. I don’t post anything that doesn’t work or that I don’t do myself. It’s kind of my “thing”. Good luck! ~ karen

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