28 Jan

Fail: Lightning McQueen Cars Cupcakes

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Pin Reaper: Laura

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/277815870736195619/, via http://spoonful.com/recipes/lightning-mcqueen-cupcakes


What I Did: My son loves Lightning McQueen… the rest is history. For his fourth birthday, he asked for a red Lightning McQueen cake to share with his friends.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I think the only thing I will do differently next time is not do it! Save cupcakes for the professionals!

Cars Cupcakes Lightning McQueen Fail



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  1. Ruthie says:

    Not even close…

    1. Dawn says:

      Hey they turned out better than some of my creations! My kids would eat these no problem

      1. kittentoes says:

        They look a little more like Mater, but they still are cute.

        1. Amanda says:

          I’ve always had trouble getting a decent red color when dying frosting, I ordered red gel paste from Amazon and that works really well (doesnt come out pink).

          1. D├ębora says:

            It’s kind of a user error. The person used different techniques to decorate the cake.
            They don’t look bad, though.

            1. melanie says:

              I’m sorry. I need to confess that this made me laugh so hard! This is a win of a pinterest fail! Don’t feel bad though, two GREAT THINGS! 1. You heard what your son likes. 2. You tried to create it for him. That’s love and that’s what matters most. Kudos to you!!! =)

              1. Bill Hobbit says:

                Worst cupcakes ever!!!!

                1. Heather says:


                  1. Nathalie says:

                    Are you people seriously being mean about those cupcakes?
                    A. A loving mommy made them for her child, and I bet they were delicious! Kids see the effort it takes and know they are loved.
                    B. She didn’t think they turned out great and was sharing.
                    I’d love to see you do better, in fact I’ll challenge you, we can both make a cupcake and I’ll put your creation next to mine and critique it! Just a heads up, you won’t win Uhhh and Bill, and I’ll be harsh about your skills or lack thereof

                    1. Beki says:

                      I don’t try cupcakes, I already know I can’t pull them off, but for Lightning Mcqueen make a 9×13 cake take it out of the pan, shave the corners so you have an oval. Then frost a ring around the outside edge of the oval using chocolate frosting. That is your racetrack, put a start and finish line on it and a small Lightning McQueen car on the racetrack crossing the finish line. frost the middle in green and put his friends in there so they can be cheering him on. I usually put some plastic wrap right underneath the car so they don’t get messy. You can use the cars that they already have and if you have a decorating shop near you, you can get some checkered flags to put at the finish line. My 5 year old asks me to make this same cake for him every year. it doesn’t look professional, but it tastes good and I hear from him all year long that he wants another Lightning Mcqueen cake for my next birthday mom.

                      1. Mandie says:

                        I think they are cute little lightning mcqueen mater cupcakes :) Good job mom!

                        1. Shelley says:

                          first, off, your cupcakes need a little more volume in the top, and again, you use different items than what was shown, the color was not even close, try putting a round cookie on top of the cupcake and then put the icing on, which will give the cupcake more volume, and then use the right ingredients listed, you just had M&M’s on a flat surface, the M&M’s should be on side of the cup cake not on top of the cake, to make the wheels, and the icing was put on over the white chocolate

                          1. Jenna says:

                            Shelley – Putting a cookie on top of the cupcake before you put the icing on is a really good idea! I’ve never heard of that.

                            1. jrex says:

                              Am I crazy? I think they’re adorable, and I think it’s obvious what character they’re meant to be. I’ll bet your little boy loved them!

                              1. Laura says:

                                I LOVE the cookie on top of cupcake idea! That’s probably the only thing that would make the kids love them more. These are great suggestions and tips!

                                1. MzTeaze says:

                                  While I don’t think the kids would have had a problem eating these….I’m not sure why the the directions in the original recipe were not followed. Funny yes, but, more of a user error than outright fail.

                                  1. Laura says:

                                    As with most things in my life- nothing went as planned :) Appreciate all the constructive feedback though!

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