Win: Pancake Puffs

[Editor’s note: I almost didn’t post this, because of the changes made to the recipe. After another reading though, I realized that the Win here is cooking pancakes in a muffin tin. What do you think?]

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What I Did:

I chose this project because it seemed fun and easy. And it was! I just need to work out the kinks in this vegan mix for next time.

I made variations to this recipe because I am not vegan. So I added dairy butter and milk. They were a little too chewy because I ran out of flour and thought I could just add a tad more baking powder to even it out. Sadly no.

I also ran out of chocolate chips so I used different jams (which were yummy!) and banana to fill the batter.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Next time I should also add eggs like, y’know.. a NORMAL PANCAKE in a cupcake tin. I think they will turn out much better next time :).

vegan pancake puffs win

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