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Fail: Christmas Pretzel Kisses

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Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/206884176606051927/, via http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/christmas-pretzel-kisses-237870/


What I Did: I thought this would be an easy baking project to do with my 95-year-old grandmother who misses doing things like this. I followed the directions exactly. The only thing I can think of is that I used mini pretzel twists instead of round ones that I could not find anywhere. I figured it would melt down into the grooves in a hot oven.

My Result:


Next Time I Will:¬†After posting, two friends responded that the same thing happened to them so it is one of two things…either the direct contact of the kiss to the metal (using a round [not to be found] pretzel is what actually makes it melt OR they actually melted the chocolate and spooned it in – which a friend said she ended up doing.

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  1. Jen says:

    I have been making these for years and they turn out perfect every time, but one year they did turn out like yours and I think it was because the chocolate kisses that I used where kind of old and they didn’t melt properly.

    1. Virginia says:

      I’ve made these a lot and use the square grid type pretzels by Snyders (I think). Any way, it looks like you need to melt the kisses longer. I found I needed to leave them in the oven another min or two and they were much softer and the candy pressed in easily. Try again!!

      1. Jen L says:

        I think your problem was baking them too long. I use a 350 deg oven and bake for 3 minutes (I set the timer so I don’t forget about them). Test one by trying to push the M&M on it and if not soft enough in the middle, put back in the oven for 30 seconds only. If they bake too long they dry out and don’t melt. Once M&Ms are pushed onto each one, I put the baking sheet outside in the cold to harden the chocolate. Can also put them in the freezer to speed up the cooling process. I use regular shaped mini pretzels.

        1. Charity says:

          I did this once as well – someone told me the chemical compound in Hershey’s kisses changes when they’ve been left in the oven too long, hence the chocolate hardening instead of melting. You probably overbaked them (which seems ridiculous, since the amount of time is so short), but I know that my mom has made these before, and they’ve turned out fine.

          Personally, I prefer the Rolos+Pecans+Pretzels combo – much higher success rate, and tastier, too! (Here’s one of the many how-to’s: http://www.instructables.com/id/Tiny-Turtles/).

          1. Teresa says:

            I make these pretzel treats with the square pretzels (they look like window panes) and freshly store-bought kisses. I bake just the pretzel and kiss in the oven until the kiss turns shiny (if you wait too long it melts and goes EVERYWHERE) then as soon as I pop them out of the oven I put the M&M on top. Then let them cool and harden. I really like using the white and brown striped kisses (I think they’re called hugs and kisses) and the pink/red/white Valentine’s Day M&Ms. Makes adorable treats!

            1. Liz says:

              We made these for Christmas but used Rollos instead of kisses. They melt quite nicely.

              1. Amy says:

                That definitely looks like overcooked chocolate. I have had plenty of fails with overcooking my white chocolate when baking that I have learned less is more. Let them get a little shiny and pull them out. They will still have their form but all it takes is a gentle push with the m &m to melt

                1. Mend says:

                  my guesses would be cooked too long or tried to push them in after they cooled too much.

                  1. Cathy Tejchma says:

                    I finally found round pretzels, baked for the time shown, but Kisses did not soften so I tried adding time to no avail but never did get soft melted Kisses & they just dropped through the pretzels when picked up. This was a waste & a disaster.

                    1. Jen says:

                      You have to pop them in the freezer for a few minutes for the chocolate to harden up

                      1. Beth says:

                        Hi there.

                        I would recommend lowering the oven temp to no more than 250 degrees F. Just put it in there for about 2 minutes. Look for the kisses to have a sheen on them — that is precisely the moment they should be taken out. If you leave them in any longer, they’ll begin to dry up. Good luck.

                        - Beth

                        1. Tessa says:

                          I made those when I was a kid! We never baked them though. just melted chocolate bark and filled the chocolate pretzels with a spoon. Then put the m&m on and chilled in refrigerator.

                          1. Bonnie says:

                            I make these all the time, if you can’t find the round pretzels (I never can) use the square waffle ones. Let the kiss cook about 60 seconds longer then the recipe calls for. Then let is sit for about a minute before you press M&M in. It keeps cooking in that minute and softens up. They come out perfect that way.

                            1. Annie says:

                              My sister and I used to make these every Christmas using the same recipe, and then the same year, using the same recipe they always had, they started looking like yours. And they have ever since. Our theory? Hershey’s changed their recipe. We didn’t change a thing. Rolos do work nicely, though, or the kisses with caramel in the middle. They melt much better.

                              1. Kristin says:

                                I thought the chocolate looked like it seized. When chocolate melts, if it comes into contact with even the smallest amount of moisture, it will sieze (however I’m not familiar with working with Hershey’s kisses as baking chocolate). This project would look more like the original if you drizzle in melted chocolate instead of baking them. Then you have a no-bake cookie – even better! Here is a good recipe from my baking hero (I am a pastry chef), Rose Levy Beranbaum:

                                Ganache Puddle:
                                2 oz. bittersweet chocolate
                                2.5 oz. heavy cream (I sometimes replace 0.5 oz chocolate with coconut oil for extra sheen)

                                Melt chocolate in double boiler, gently stirring; once the chocolate is melted and uniformly smooth, stir in just-warm cream. Continue stirring until well-blended. Use a ziplock bag with one corner snipped to pour/drizzle on the cookies. If the chocolate does not look smooth (should be somewhat self-correcting as they set), you can just place the cookies under a heat lamp, or in a warm (170 degree) oven for a few minutes to re-melt the chocolate – it will look amazing!

                                1. sharon says:

                                  I agree with previous posters, this looks like the chocolate burnt. You have to just watch them for when the tips start to curl over and then they are typically soft and will be easily squished by the m&m or whatever else you choose to put in the center. I can’t bake to save my life, but these are actually an easy (though time consuming due to the hershey wrapper) thing to being to a party etc.

                                  1. Leah says:

                                    Oven should Be at 200-250. When theyre shiney in oven u take
                                    Out. Have to add while theyrr just outa oven for the good

                                    1. heather says:

                                      I’ve made these a few times and every time I’ve tried with kisses (or rolls or reeses cups) they’ve ended up similar to this. I’ve found that the best chocolate to use are the Wilton melting chocolate discs. they melt perfectly and have a nice sheen once they’ve cooled.

                                      1. Lissa says:

                                        I have made thousands of these every year for various teachers, family, coworkers… Christmas and have it down to an art. By looking at your photo, yes, the kisses got too hot. I saw this result a few times when I frist started too.

                                        The only place I have been able to consistently find the round pretzels is Food Lion. They carry Utz brand pretzel Wagon Wheels that work really great. I set my oven at just 200 degrees and leave the pretzels and kisses in for 5 minutes. Take out the pretzels and wait about a minute and then press the M&Ms in.

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