Fail: Oreo Cookie Candy Turkeys

Pin Reaper: Lori Adair

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What I Did: How adorable are these cookies? And gee, the instructions make them seem so easy to make. In only a few short minutes I, too, can have these wonderful Oreo Cookie turkey decorations and be a hero at our Thanksgiving feast.

My Result:

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Next Time I Will:  Holy crap. Seriously? These couldn’t have been more impossible to make. As I posted on Facebook:

Let me just say BULL CRAP to whomever made those…no way in HELL did they use a toothpick to make the eyes and pupils and waddle and feet. NO WAY….mine looked more like a Turkey that was in the recent tornado….

I don’t think the author of this recipe meant to be a sadist, and I doubt it should have taken 75 minutes to make five of these. I also doubt my hair should be thinner and more gray as a result of this. Don’t let ANY freaking Martha Stewart type tell you how “EASY” these damn things are either. And don’t bother to buy frosting markers because THEY DO NOT FRIGGIN WORK. You will have to be creative and inventive all on your own. And consider a pair of tweezers and readers if not a magnifying glass and every light in the room on to even have a chance at making these. Happy (bad word here) Thanksgiving.




  1. MesqSandra

    Hate to burst your bubble but I shared Thanksgiving with a family a couple of months ago and someone had brought in a tupperware bowl full of these cutie pies. Almost too cute to eat, but I managed. I’ll have to ask exactly how they pulled it off, but they did.
    Try, try again??

  2. june

    Actually, they look pretty good. But for decorating, I would imagine fine detail would take practice. Like decorating a fancy cake. Your first one will never look like the picture.

  3. Karen

    Lori –

    I LOVE how you tell it like it is…..

  4. CSmithy

    “Let me just say BULL CRAP to whomever made those…no way in HELL did they use a toothpick to make the eyes and pupils and waddle and feet. NO WAY”

    They probably really did. My mom makes crazy detailed Christmas cookies with similar look and she applies the tiny details with a toothpick. It takes practice.

  5. Unsureach

    This is user error, the instructions on the original website say to use the shop bought decorating tubes of icing in colours, which would be much easier to make the detailing. It also looks like the turkeys weren’t turned sideways to do the detailing on the face?

  6. Brandi

    I made these a couple years ago for my daughter’s kindergarten class and my son’s preschool class… 60 freaking turkeys. It SUCKED so bad and took FOR-FREAKING-EVER, but they turned out AWESOME. It was SUPER uber mega time consuming, but I didn’t exactly follow their directions. Made my own royal icing and piped it out for the feet and fine details.

  7. Virginia

    They look pretty good to me for your first try 🙂

  8. Mikayla Anderson

    I made these for a public function and I absolutely loved them! They were so cute! I used store bought frosting in small tubes for the eyes and feet and waddle.

  9. jrex

    Oh don’t be so hard on yourself! Yours are very cute! I don’t think you did a bad job with the decorating at all. They turned out miles better than anything I could have done!

  10. Sally

    I made these a few years ago and realized that making the eyes was near impossible. So I bought sugar eyeballs and glued those on with a bit of frosting. Also made the feet using yellow icing tubes. Takes practice.

  11. Marcia

    I LOVE how you tell this story I am over here dying laughing. Cheer up they dont look that bad and just keep trying. I bet your next batch will be awesome

  12. Melissa

    Awww! They look pretty good. These are NOT impossible to make though!!! I made these a couple of years ago and they turned out great. I’m very good with fine detail work. Just needs some practice 😉

  13. Freja

    Something people forget with these perfect pictures is that the person did about a zillion batches and chose the best looking ones

    If I ever started a baking/food blog I would post REAL pics and not photoshopped, perfectly placed or anything like that. I just known how much it sucks to follow a recipe exactly and it never turns out like theirs. Example, the original pinner definitely sat for hours and picked out the best looking candy corn that were perfectly sectioned between the three colors

    There is also a TON of tricks the poster either forgets to mention or just doesn’t care, such as waiting for something to cool COMPLETELY and stressing it, wasting tons of product, watering your hands so something isn’t sticky, etc.

    That’s part of the reason I dislike pin-interest. Almost nothing turns out as the poster puts, specially when they’re total pros and have all the expensive equipment needed to do it.

    For the record, these looked awesome. I think you did a great job. It’s just going to be eaten anyway. I know lots of great looking foods that taste like crap.

  14. Vicki

    Thanks for the laughs. I felt it was worth making these silly things just to enjoy your comments so much. I totally agree. I could have made a couple of really great desserts in the time it took to make four of these. They didn’t look quite as bad as yours, but almost.

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