Fail: Grain Free Cloud Bread

Pin Reaper: Kay

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What I Did: My boyfriend and I are trying to eat low-carb, so we tried this gluten free bread. I mistakenly gave my boyfriend charge of the dish. I came back to the kitchen to find these little beauties!

My Result:

pinterest fail grain free cloud bread low carb

Next Time I Will:  Never let my guy try to bake again.




  1. Moira

    I make similar pretty often and use a muffin top pan, which works best, also don’t overtake 😉

  2. Gluten Free 4 Life

    FYI Gluten free is far from low-carb. In reality most GF bread has more carbs then regular bread… When cooking Gluten free breads you need pans. They do not rise like regular bread so the muffin top pan would work or even small muffin pans or he square brownie pans etc.

  3. Cindy

    I tried these and they worked out nicely, but they taste disgusting. Essentially they are just meringue and have no business pretending to be bread. 🙂

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