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What I Did: My friend and I had been wanting to make the 3D hearts so we could hang them on our walls at college. They ended up looking more like 2D butts. We suck.

My Result:


Next Time I Will:  Draw less ugly hearts, make them look less butt-like. This project is a lost cause.

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  1. duckatsu

    construction paper wouldn’t work either. if you put on to much glue, it soaks up the moisture and falls apart. it looks like they just used red printing paper (you can sometimes find colored printing paper at office supplies stores) and then printed the pattern on it. the paper would be much more durable and less likely to tear once glue is applied.

  2. ashkey

    this was to easy for anyone to mess up … good try tho … we cant all make amazing hears

  3. Sarah

    I think you could have even used the scissors themselves as a heart stencil…yeah the accuracy of the hearts is what makes those precise cute pop outs. You could even print out some heart images on line, cut them out and use as a stencil. Super easy…

  4. Sandra

    The paper used was either smooth cover-stock (aka to scrappers as ‘card-stock’) or the heavier scrapbook paper. The hearts in the original were symmetrical, in the “fail” they were hand drawn. Practice some more. Everyone posts the cute “final” ones, not the dozens of practice ones that were made first, till you got it.

  5. ashley

    it looks like you used construction paper with this, judging by the way it crumpled when you tried to ‘puff’ it. as Sandra mentioned, scrapbook paper or cardstock will give you the desired puff as it is thicker and stands up to the abuse a little better. I also agree that printing symetrical hearts onto the paper as guidlines will also help keep them looking like the pin, also, not gluing but using a quality double sided scrappers tape. try again im sure this can work with some practice and the right tools.

  6. Rosie

    To be fair, the original Pins look like butts, too.

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