Fail: Cheese Pumpkins

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What I Did: I thought it would be cool to bring to an office potluck. I figured it was just pretzels stuck into balls of cheese, so it should be easy to make a large batch. Instead, the cheese balls kept deforming in my hands when I tried to make the pumpkin lines with a toothpick. Plus, I only had short, thick pretzels on hand, which I thought would be fine for this test batch. After wrestling with just three of them, I realized that this was not going to work out, and just went with some baked sweet potatoes instead. 🙂

My Result:



pumpkin halloween cheese pretzel



  1. Christin

    This is, in part, user error. Obviously, the wrong sized “stems” were used. They wouldn’t have looked so bad if smaller pretzels were used, as in the original photo. The one on the left actually looks pretty solid, minus the giant stem.

  2. Colleen

    The directions say that the cheese balls should be refrigerated before drawing the lines, which would prevent the deforming described. Failure to follow instructions, once again.

  3. Van

    How can they call it a fail if they didn’t even try?

  4. lucy

    gosh why so many haters! Nice try though

  5. Susan

    I think the fails are hilarious, and had a little laugh when I saw them. After reading the comments on the Santa bread and now the pumpkins, I have to wonder why people don’t have better things to do than criticize online. Understand the PC issue with Santa, and appreciate the owner of this site’s attention. Come on people, she is not a professional editor – go find something on pinterest to DIY and calm down.

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