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What I Did: “I am hosting a super fun Brunch baby shower for my sister this Saturday. Of course I’ve pulled tons of ideas from Pinterest to make the shower as adorable as possible. I have a whole pinboard dedicated to the shower:
Go big or go home, right? Well, I chose to try the heart-shaped bacon because it’s cute, it’s a brunch food, and it’s in the shape of a heart which is perfect for a baby shower. I simply bought bacon. Cut each slice in half. Created a heart shape. Then cooked on 350 for 20 minutes. They looked good when they were raw but as you can see, the cooked product looked nothing like hearts at all.”

Blog Post Detailing The Experience:

My Result:


Next Time I Will:† I’m not sure what I would change. Looking back, the picture on Pinterest is the raw bacon as well, and not cooked. I wonder how theirs would have turned out? Hmmm …

Bacon Hearts Fail


  1. Pam

    You know, I wonder if using one of those bacon presses would help them hold their shape? It’d be really time consuming, since those presses could only cover one or two at a time. OOH! Maybe foil wrapped bricks??

  2. Kerry

    The original post says you’re supposed to cook them at 400, not 350. Perhaps that is the issue.

  3. Anne

    What I do when I make bacon in the oven (not formed into shapes, though), I put a layer of parchment paper and second cookie sheet on top of the bacon, so it stays flat. It might work to hold these down as well.

  4. Junebug

    Its a good idea, this pin, but bacon shrinks so much when cooking, not sure how it would keep it’s shape?

  5. Katherine

    I think cooking these on a grillpan or wire rack so that the fat can drain is absolutely essential. Also, very thick and quality bacon is required.

  6. Sally

    The key is to fry the bacon first, so that it is still soft, but mostly cooked, then shape and transfer to the oven just to crisp up. I have not made the hearts, but I made some amazing bacon roses for my husband for Valentine’s day last year!

  7. Michelle

    Don’t cut the bacon in half. Just use a whole strip to make the heart and it should come out fine 🙂

  8. Sandra

    Use a whole slice.
    Partial cook in a skillet.
    Form into a heart and pin with toothpicks.
    Finish to crisp in the oven (400F) on a rack (to drain the fat). This does NOT take long)
    Place on paper toweling to take more of the fat.
    Weigh down with a couple more paper towels and a plate.

  9. Pinterest tip that might help

    Pinterest taught me that if you rinse bacon with water prior to cooking there’s much less shrinkage…so maybe it would hold its shape better

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