17 Dec

Fail: Maternity Photo

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Pin Reaper: Michelle G.

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/203436108141484114/, via http://blameitallonherroots.tumblr.com/post/64075891575


What I Did: I wanted to re-create this picture with our 2nd pregnancy because I loved including our daughter in on the maternity pictures.

My Result: 

Next Time I Will:† Not have huge knockers that suffocated my husband, or a very short family with little height variations between us.




maternity photos fail


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  1. Tinkerbell says:

    Your comment cracked me up!! Nevertheless, it is an adorable photo – definitely a keeper! LoL =)

    1. Candace says:

      I definitely think it could’ve worked..maybe have hubby bent down to your belly and you holding it? Looks awkward though LOL I am sure you will have a great photo to give you a giggle :)

      1. Colleen says:

        I think that this could be saved! Next time, try having the photographer stand with the sun behind them, it should improve the shadows to make for a better picture.

        1. Michelle says:

          I love the picture, it still hangs on my wall and I laugh at it daily! Our photographer is great, and rolls with the punches.. I actually didn’t notice I was suffocating my husband until a few weeks after we got the prints. I don’t intend on being pregnant again, so this was our one last shot.

          1. Meg says:

            Oh my gosh- your comments had me in tears from laughter!!!!!

            1. Kathy says:

              I just found this site, read a couple of the newest “pin-fails”, and let me say that yours absolutely changed my angry, nasty mood into one of “fa la la la la”!

              OMG, I laughed out loud )haven’t heard that sound in a few weeks) – looked again carefully and then laughed out loud again!….and just a few minutes ago I was up in the attic screaming four-letter words at the top of my lungs because I couldn’t find my Christmas wrapping paper. Freaking out – despite all the articles telling me how to “put myself first” to be stress-free, all the blogs with photos of perfectly-decorated homes, and all those pretty Pinterest Christmas pins that make me feel so inadequate! Who are they kidding?

              This real photo of you, (your belly and boobs), your husband and your daughter is so precious! Adorable!
              Joyful baby-ing, whenever you’re due.


              1. miller says:

                Bahahaha suffocating yea um notice how your husband.never complained ;)

                1. Andi says:


                  Can’t stop giggling and then when I finally did, I read your comments, I started laughing all over again.
                  Like, in-tears-laughing.

                  Absolutely adorable!
                  Totally NOT a fail ~ a win in every sense.
                  Congrats to you and your sweet family.

                  1. Dawn says:

                    Oh wow! I just found your blog and my husband keeps asking me why I’m laughing so much! You are hilarious! Thanks for putting Pinterest in perspective!

                    And I love this picture of your family! It’s beautiful!

                    1. Jenny says:

                      I would also suggest that instead of casting your family in shadows, you have the sun to the photographer’s back for the photo shoot… that way people can see you and not just shadows! :)

                      1. D says:

                        It’s all about the lighting. You could have pulled this off but you needed less contrast in the pictures. Your photographer blew this one (if that was you, try again!). If you’re going to shoot into the sun you’re going to need some powerful flash to light that foreground (you and your family). The picture also isn’t edited as nicely as the original.

                        1. Rebecca says:

                          This lady was standing up straight only leaning over from the neck up. Maybe it would have worked better if you tried that.

                          1. Tammie says:

                            Thank-you thank-you thank-you lol you have no idea how much I needed this tonight. it a beautiful picture and your comment made me cry from laughing so hard

                            1. Lisa says:

                              I have not laughed so hard in a year. Your comments made me laugh so hard I have tears streaming down my face. My husband had to come in to make sure I was breathing I was laughing so hard. Your picture is great!! THANKS!!

                              1. MesqSandra says:

                                That’s just plain funny!

                                1. Lexy says:

                                  Um, I think huge knockers were the least of your problems here.

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