Win: Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

Pin Reaper: Amanda

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What I Did: My Husband has been bugging me to make him a pumpkin pie for a year! So I thought I would make him 24 mini pies! It looked cute and I knew he would love it! The only thing I changed was instead of a pumpkin cookie cutters I did a round! They turned out great! I was so happy! And so was my husband!

My Result: 


Next Time I Will:† I forgot to add vanilla but it tasted just fine! 🙂 Wouldn’t change a thing!

mini pumpkin pie bites thanksgiving dessert


  1. Kim

    Cute! You could freeze any extras and have them as a quick dessert during the holidays.

  2. MesqSandra

    Congratulation; glad your bravery was a blessing to your husband.

  3. Elysian

    This does not appear to be a fail. It appears that nothing went wrong here.

  4. Brittany

    @Elysian not supposed to be a fail. it says WIN

  5. Sherron

    Do people not read the name of this site? It’s Pinterest FAIL.

    In the welcome message it states “It’s a site where Pinterest lovers can share the projects they’ve embarked on that didn’t turn out quite how they hoped.”

    To submit something you have to click on the text that reads “Submit Your Fail”.

    If your project was a win that’s good and all but this site is for all the Pinterest FAILS.

  6. Brittany

    @Sherron its for wins too………………………………………………………………..

  7. dh

    It is not for wins, it’s where good intentions come to die. There’s gotta be a real site somewhere else. There are too many “wins” on here. The whole reason people come to this site is to laugh at the ridiculous fails.

  8. K

    I make deep dish pumpkin pies every year I always have leftover pie mix. I make these every year.

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