04 Dec

Fail: Tangled Web

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Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/343118065331399451/, via http://www.bhg.com/holidays/day16/?sssdmh=dm17.684852&esrc=nw100d13_2_d16_100113#page=22


What I Did: Nothing worked! My daughter was getting impatient with the messy, gluey, string-wrapping. I didn’t have anywhere to hang it to dry & figured because it was nice & warm out, that I should hang it outside (also cleaner for the glue drippings). But, it fell apart :(

My Result:


Next Time I Will:† I don’t think I’ll attempt this one again!

halloween spider web decorations




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  1. NYCupcake says:

    Try using liquid starch instead of glue! I made easter eggs with the same method one year and used liquid starch and they came out great! Good try though!

    1. Jackie K says:

      Tee hee – I had that same fail! – Just not worth the effort of trying again.

      1. Amber says:

        I’d try a spray adhesive instead of dipping the string in glue (why the site who put out this project thought that’d be a good idea when spray adhesive is available at most craft stores, I have no idea). Spray the balloon, put the string on, spray the heck out of it, wait ’til the string is dried stiff, then proceed. I’ve never tried it but that’s what I’d do.

        1. Beth says:

          Yep. I hung mine out in the breezeway. My glue was too watery, the balloons started to deflate and I didn’t leave enough room to put lights between the strings.. On the plus side I had one that was in the shape of a skull so that was pretty neat. I feel like this is a project for people with patience which I don’t have haha.

          1. Meesh says:

            Warm air will hinder glue from drying properly, as will being impatient in the process itself. Proper planning and retrying will usually result in a well executed project. if at first you don’t succeed etc.

            1. maryann says:

              I have made these; the recipe calls for equal parts glue and water, try 1/2 of the amount of water for the glue. I also wrap the balloon in plastic wrap as I have had the string design collapse by sticking to the balloon when I popped it.

              1. Kimberley says:

                I tried this also and it was a big messy fail! Kinda glad I am not the only one. Better luck next time though

                1. Judy Vanderhoven says:

                  I made these about 2 years ago. I used full strength school glue. They came out perfect, didn’t stick to the balloon. They are still hanging in my grandson’s room.

                  1. Lindsey says:

                    Hey girl ok I made a home-made mobile doing the same tech, One thing to do is deff find a place inside like the basement or guest bathroom so it is out of the elements (mother nature can be tricky). I put down poster board (cheaper than tarp lol) and cover the balloon with Vaseline/petroleum jelly. It helps the balloon from sticking and just use enough glue/cornstarch mix to cover the string. If you put too much on it will fall apart or it will try to and you will have to let it sit longer. Hope this helps

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