Fail: Bunny Bread

Pin Reaper: Sarah

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: I have no idea what matter of witchcraft created those recipe photos. The only thing I changed about the recipe was that I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream. I HAVE made bread before…just not bunny shaped bread…I could tell as I was attempting to shape the bunnies that it was NOT going to turn out how it was supposed to, but I didn’t know how to fix it! I tried rolling smoother dough balls for the bunny bodies, but the dough kept sticking to my hands, but when I floured my hands that just caused crevices in the dough!


My Result:


Next Time I Will: I don’t even know. Seriously, how did they get those bread bunnies so smooth and perfect?? If I attempt this again I think I’m just going to use my own tried-and-true bread recipe and try shaping THAT into bunnies!

bunny rolls easter bread fail


  1. Candace

    Someone commented on another picture of these bunny breads that it’s not even bread, it’s a Japanese confectionary. I think it’s another troll pin that went viral, sadly.

  2. Christine

    When you substituted yogurt for the sour cream, did you use Greek yogurt? If you use regular yogurt it may have made the dough too wet. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  3. Deborah

    @candace: It is either that or the trick is not to flour your hands but to shape the bread with wet hands. Often does it for me. I might give those bunny breads a go (on one of those occasions when I am feeling very confident…)

  4. Jennifer

    Wow. A very old troll pin makes pinterestfail. Give it up already.

  5. Jenn

    LOL! Those bunnies look too perfect to be handmade – they look more like they are made from a mold o_O?? But thanks for posting, that just gave me a few good laughs…

  6. Mend

    tried finding my own info on these. i managed to find this

    says this “A couple of days ago I saw this picture and fell in love. At first I thought they were rolls, but I later figured out that they were cookies with a lemon filling. Sadly, I have yet to find a recipe. But I do think it would be fun to use this as a model for some bunny rolls. Although, they really are almost too cute to eat.”

    then their image credit let me to this

    and then with that info i further searched and found this

    they are a store bought product that is pictured in the first part, and it’s a cake or cookie type treat, not a roll. and only really around during the moon festival

    here’s a yelp of a place that serves/served them

  7. Dawn

    “Mend”: that was awesome research you did! Yeah sadly not rolls it I would love to see a “win” on this made out of real bread one day!

  8. kate

    Let the yeast rise, then break into rolls, and let the dough rise agsin. Also looks like you could use a little more water. At least that turns out perfectly smooth regular rolls for me.

  9. dubs

    I found out that these originated in japan and china, as well as other little confections in the shape of kitties, peapods, pigs, etc. The traditional ones are actually filled with lemon or bean paste, instead of the being bread rolls. They’re called Wagashi. Here are a bunch of Wagashi images:

    And here is a video of a woman in the US who made some larger bunny dinner rolls on youtube, not quite as nice but close, go to the 6:30 mark to see how they turned out.

  10. Blu

    This particular pin is actually not a bread roll that’s why there are so many fails. it is actually rabbit shaped manju. filled with white bean paste and yuzu it’s a Japanese sweet.

  11. sarah e

    I used home made bread dough and they turned out smooth and looked ok but alot of them the ears just fell back and basically baked in… probably with more effort/ experience i could make them look better,

  12. bubble

    Why do people alter the recipe and then are baffled when it doesn’t turn out?!

  13. Foodles

    Could also depend on where you live compared to where the recipe originates. If the recipe is built for a different sea level sometimes it just won’t work where you live.

  14. Debbi

    It almost looks like they let dough balls rise, and then snipped the ears.

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