Reanimated: Hamantaschen S’mores

Happy Thanksgivukkah!


Original Post

Name: erica

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I wanted to try my hand at the traditional Jewish treat of Hamentashen. My sister sent me a link to the Smores ones, so I gave it a shot. Clearly, failed.

My Result:

Hamantaschen pinterest fail


  1. NYCupcake

    No, not a fail! They are just a little chubbier :) I bet they taste great! Happy Holidays!

  2. Dawn

    I’d eat them! Sometimes it’s the non-perfect looking food that’s the tastiest!

  3. Jewishgirl

    you put in too much fluff stuff into each cookie and you didn’t pinch it enough
    otherwise they look delicious

  4. Meg

    Hamentaschen are for Purim, not Hanukkah, and S’mores Hamentaschen are not traditional.

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