28 Nov

Reanimated: Hamantaschen S’mores

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Happy Thanksgivukkah!


Original Post

Name: erica

Original Inspiration: http://www.couldntbeparve.com/2012/03/smore-hamentashen/

What I Did: I wanted to try my hand at the traditional Jewish treat of Hamentashen. My sister sent me a link to the Smores ones, so I gave it a shot. Clearly, failed.

My Result:

Hamantaschen pinterest fail

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  1. NYCupcake says:

    No, not a fail! They are just a little chubbier :) I bet they taste great! Happy Holidays!

    1. Dawn says:

      I’d eat them! Sometimes it’s the non-perfect looking food that’s the tastiest!

      1. Jewishgirl says:

        you put in too much fluff stuff into each cookie and you didn’t pinch it enough
        otherwise they look delicious

        1. Meg says:

          Hamentaschen are for Purim, not Hanukkah, and S’mores Hamentaschen are not traditional.

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