Reanimated: Chalkboard Place Mats

[Something you may want to avoid as you prep your table for Thanksgiving dinner.]

Name: Lisa

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Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I fell in love with these chalkboard placemats right away, but the cost kept me from buying them for our Thanksgiving table decor. I just knew I could make my own for less! And I did … kind of. I looked into using art board, which would have been perfect for the project, but since we were having 18 people for dinner, I went the cheap route and bought canvas boards and spray painted them with chalkboard paint.

My Result:

What Went Wrong: The result was definitely not what I had hoped! The rough texture of the canvas kept the boards from wiping completely clean after they’d been prepped (by rubbing chalk across the surface). It was more of a grey color. Most of the guests couldn’t even tell they were supposed to be chalkboards!


  1. shea

    i don’t see the fail here

  2. Aurora

    I think it looks nice. Rustic

  3. Laurie

    I’d say you nailed it too! I think this looks very cool! No fail in my book!

  4. Jake

    I didn’t look at what the result was “supposed” to be, but I really like what you wound up with!

  5. Katy

    I personally think your version turned out better than the inspiration! Don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂

  6. Sabrina

    You have my Grandma’s china that I am hopelessly trying to replace. I like your results!

  7. Barbara

    I, too, think you nailed it.
    If, at each place setting, you left a new stick of chalk (use the different colored ones), your guests would have figured it out pretty quickly.

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