Fail: Grain Free Cinnamon Rolls

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What I Did: When you follow a strict diet like the Paleo diet, you often seek to replace your old favorite foods with modified versions. Hence my attempt to make these drool-worthy cinnamon rolls. Despite following the directions to a tee, I should have known something was wrong when the dough was impossibly sticky, making the “roll” part of the cinnamon roll quite difficult. They looked kind of like dough blobs by the time they made it to the pan, and this was my final result.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: My husband loving chided me, saying, “There is no way the picture of a cinnamon roll on that site was made from something other than flour.” Although the blobs were delightfully tasty, I don’t think they were worth the messy hassle.

paleo grain free cinnamon rolls fail




  1. Jennifer

    The “creator” of this recipe used a stock photo 🙁 There’s no way on God’s green earth that this recipe would turn out looking like a beautiful traditional cinnamon roll made of wheat flour. Google images is your friend…more likely than not, if they stole a photo from someplace else, it’s because theirs looks like garbage.

  2. Biff

    Get the Chebe Cinnamon Roll mix….. we use their pizza crust one. It’s purely Tapioca flour, starchy but grain free. You can find it on Amazon if you can’t get it locally.

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