User Error: Halloween Wreath

Pin Reaper:  MillerCakes

Original Inspiration:, via

What I Did: What happened was I wanted to use what I had in the house. This extremely CREATIVE wreath was constructed out of household recyclables:empty V-8 cans, blue painters tape, orange & beige raffia, orange & white lion’s heart yarn (apparently, this is considered “cheap” yarn in the knitting world), and spider web treat bags blown up.

My Result: 

Next Time I Will: This is as good as it get when one uses “cheap” yarn and tries to recycle crap

spring halloween wreath fail spider web



  1. Junebug

    Trying so hard not to be negative, but these things take time to be precise. It looks like it was tossed together so fast. It’s a bit like that minion pumpkin. You can’t throw stuff together and expect it to look the same.

  2. Jennifer

    This submitter OBVIOUSLY just threw together a bunch of crap so she could get featured. Nobody in their right mind, or over the age of 2, could possibly think that thing looks good, or that it remotely resembles the original pin. Give it up.

  3. Tinkerbell

    Considering the list of items used from what was available around the house…it’s not so bad! A bit more patience with the yarn would definitely have yielded a much better outcome…and possibly a few extra minutes to make the snack bags into something better resembling a bow =)

  4. ali

    Doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the yarn. You could use any quality of yarn but if you tangle it so much while wrapping it, well, it just isn’t going to work, even if you used hand-spun, organic yarn.

  5. D

    Dude, get a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon online and buy styrofoam wreath and call it a day. I made 6 of these for Christmas and they are gorgeous.

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