Fail: Pumpkin Baby Photo

Pin Reaper: Jennifer

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: I loved this picture and wanted to try with my 2 month old. I first tried her with just a pamper and then put the romper on because I thought she hated it because she was cold. My husband said she hated it because she was placed inside of food. I will modify pumpkin and try again.


My Result: 



Next Time I Will: Try a bigger pumpkin.

pumpkin halloween baby photo


  1. Joe Blow

    like, a million people keep trying this photo. what about a pumpkin may seem uncomfortable? maybe because it’s cold, bumpy, slimy…just make it like the chairs your baby LIKES to sit in and maybe it’d work (put some padding or cushions in there or roast off the pumpkin so that it’s less slimy and make sure it’s smooth

    • Heather

      I think you and your baby rock! You made me laugh when I am laying in pain with a rare disease thank you for that!!!!!!!

  2. Not Me

    Not to mention that the baby in the original pin is obviously older than 2 months. How could you expect a 2 month old to do anything remotely like the baby in the pic?

  3. Christine

    Your baby was much too young to think sitting in a squash would be fun.

  4. MonaJM

    I will have to agree your little one was a bit to young, they need to be able to sit with a little aid before attempting this, but that being said, next time try a large FAUX pumpkin bought at a craft store,Hobby Lobby and Micheal’s have great selections and there will be no YUK at all and it is reuseable for the next baby or friend to borrow

  5. sarah

    Yeeeeeaaah….This was a ‘fail’ because the baby in the first pumpkin is like a year old….common sense, people.

  6. Sara

    I would think twice about doing this with an infant because we let our son hold the lid of the pumpkin while we were carving and he had an instant contact reaction – turns out pumpkin oils are not gentle. Every time I see one of these pictures, I imagine my poor son red all over.

    • Jenna

      @Sara – How awful!

  7. Samantha

    User error!!! Who’s bright idea was it to put a baby that developmentally has no trunk, neck or head control inside a hard object?? Some people don’t think.

  8. Maria

    pumpkins are cold when opened up. and clearly there is a hand behind that babies head. and they obviously put fabric infront of the baby.. its just like using a bumbo chair. except.. it would work better if the inside lining was fabric and warm. Ive done tons of these photos and just adding fabric on the inside was wonderful.. and i also eventually grabbed a fake pumpkin prop and did the same. its just like puting an infant (newborn) on a toy truck or in a tub or anywhere.. you need cusion and warmth and spare hands… 🙂

  9. Mamarazzi

    To successfully do this with my lil pumpkin, I warmed the pumpkin up first by placing a cloth bag of rice/beans that I warmed in the microwave (think neck warmer) – put that in a plastic bag and let it sit in there for 10 minutes to warm it up. Then plopped the kiddo in, and she had a blast – thought it was the funniest thing ever – also moved really fast she was in the pumpkin for literally 2 minutes.

  10. melissa ferns

    I definitely don’t see this as a fail. It is still a cute picture of a baby in a pumpkin and she is still an infant and what do infants do best they cry. The baby in the picture is much older and is most likely being entertained or amused with a toy or prop 2 months is too young to be able to do that. It is still a beautiful picture of a baby even if she is crying and the fact that she has clothes on saves it from being a “mom why do you have to show people that” picture when she becomes old enough to care. I give you props for the picture unlike the other comments even if you consider it as a fail i don’t see it that way.

  11. Joy

    Or you could just NOT put your baby in a pumpkin… Babies are beautiful. They don’t need silly props.

  12. Aubrey

    Guys you should not put babies in a pumpkin… I learned that the hard way, I tried doing the same thing to my little baby boy last year and he got a bad rash. It was so embarrassing when I took him into the doctors office..

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