15 Nov

Fail: Apple Braided Bread Recipe

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Pin Reaper: Sarah Trimmer

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/123849058475893724/, via http://honeyvillefarms.blogspot.com/2013/09/apple-braided-bread-recipe.html#.UoT9SvmshcY

pinterest fail apple braided bread inspiration

What I Did: Seemed easy enough. It wasn’t.

My Result:

pinterest fail honeyville farms apple braided bread mess

pinterest fail apple braided bread storyboarded


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  1. Michelle says:

    Still looks delicious!! :)

    1. Michelle says:

      On the positive side, it still looks like it tastes good!

      1. Stefanie says:

        I was having a terrible day, and this just made it all better. I find this hysterical for some reason.

        1. Lori says:

          OMG this made me laugh so hard! I think I actually just saw something that makes my baking look good. Thank you SO much for the laugh! This is hysterical!

          1. Candace says:

            I think the problem was your dough was too wet…the slices are a bit….um..crazy? LOL but I’m sure it did taste good :)

            1. OnaleeS says:

              I’m with Lori, I was having a tough day and this just made me laugh and then laugh more!!!! I too have seen perfect pictures and tried to replicate the recipe and your fail showed me I’m not alone!

              1. mellyo says:

                I nailed this one! the key is to make sure you really overlap the bread

                1. Raquel says:

                  Oh Lord…

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