While my daughter naps during the day I split my time between laughing at Pinterest Fail submissions and editing photos for Jenna Cole Photography. Next week I’ll be in Texas with my family and I had to choose between supplying all of you with fresh content or editing photos for my latest bride+groom. I chose the wedding photos, which you can see here. (And if you’ll allow me a brief moment to self-promote, I’d love to photograph your wedding or lifestyle photography session in the San Francisco Bay Area!)

This means you won’t see fresh content here for a few weeks, until around the 13th of November. If you need your Fail fix while I’m gone may I suggest some of the most popular Fails from the last year? I look forward to sifting through all of your failed Halloween projects after I get back. Thanks to all the Reapers and readers who make Pinterest Fail what it is!

Fail: Listerine Foot Soak

Fail: DIY Pizza Cone

Fail: Morning Balloon Surprise (Nightmare Edition)

Fail: Bleached Jeans

Fail: Baked Strawberries (Yes, Again)

Fail: Best Friends Infinity Photo

I’ll leave you with a little teaser. Come back in mid-November to find out what the latest batch of Pin Reapers were trying to replicate.



  1. Dawn

    One of the funniest I ever saw was the Pizza Cone fail.

  2. Candace

    Thank you for the entertainment you provide us..have a great vacation!

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