1. Junebug

    Wow, a ilttle heavy handed with the paintbrush.
    This should be doable with a smaller paintbrush and a little patience.

  2. lexi

    Definitely a small brush and maybe look at the picture of the Minion while trying to paint it? And cut the eyeball down to size?

  3. coocoo

    Is this your first time holding a paintbrush?

  4. happymommy

    Did an adult seriously do this? lol The eye shouldn’t have been THAT difficult! lol coocoo…I was wondering the same thing!!!

  5. watercat

    I teach high school art, and many of my students paint like this. Some of them even leave my class still painting like this, having resisted my attempts to teach them.. =/

  6. Dawn

    Anybody else see an evil face in the eyeball’s pupil?

  7. Miranda

    I have seen this done correctly. Completely doable.

  8. Joel

    I’m 23, it was a for real effort I will stick to marketing… LOL In my defense I used dollar tree paint! The evil face is from my thumb it wasn’t dry ha ha She was still sweet and took it to work and put it on her desk!

  9. laura

    I think it was a great effort and an even better laugh. Thumps up for trying!

  10. steve

    Not a great minion but not a bad attempt at the death star. LOL

  11. Annette

    Try using quality paint like liquitex basics and maybe paint with gesso beforehand. It’ll come out right and color correct.

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