Win: Marbled Nails

Marbled Nails Fail #1
Marbled Nails Fail #2
Marbled Nails Fail #3

Pin Reaper: CourtneyIECE


Original Inspiration:, via


What I Did: I’ve seen this fail quite a few times, so I eventually got curious enough to look at the Pinterest link. I didn’t have a basecoat on hand, so I used three coats of white nail polish. I learned that you have to work really quickly, or the polish will film up! The tape I used was pretty much useless, So I cleaned my fingers with polish remover after.

My Result:

pinterest fail marbled nails

Next Time I Will:  Find better tape! Other than that, I’m pretty happy with how this ended up!




  1. Brittany

    Your nails look amazing! 🙂

  2. coocoo

    Uhhhhh LOL

  3. Jennie

    I had really bad luck with the marbling itself when I tried — I used a slightly different method and cheaper nail colors which filmed up almost immediately or just sank to the bottom.

    Anyway – the part I DID get right was this: apply cuticle oil on your skin around your nail and on your fingertip just before dipping into the water. the nail polish should peel right off of your skin. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for showing me that this CAN be done, it’s not just a myth 🙂

  4. kairamoon

    Totally not a myth I do them all the time. It helps if you have warm (not hot) water and don’t try to use the outside layer it will dry up too fast

  5. Chrissie

    Your end result looks pretty good! My numerous failed attempts proved it takes at LEAST 10 tries to do 5 nails, NEVER attempt when A/C is on, some polishes work better than others (never use quick dry formulas), it wastes a whole lot of polish. In the end be happy with your results; it is certainly not a perfect art!
    PS: love the previous tip about cuticle oil although I’d be concerned the oil might mix With the water & end up failed anyway.

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