Fail: Easter Bunny Pancake

Pin Reaper: Amy O.

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What I Did: I chose this project because I wanted to make a cute Easter breakfast for my toddler. I got up early Easter morning so that I could make it for her before she woke up. When I presented it to her, she couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to me. I have to admit, it was pretty funny!

My Result:

pinterest fail easter bunny surprise pancake





  1. blu_canary

    Bahahahahahaha……………….*gasp*………………..bahahahaha! OMG. I hadn’t been here for a few days, so I had three fails to look at. The pinterest pic loaded, but the fail pic on this one was slow, so I started with the others first thinking, “How on earth could anybody mess up a bunny pancake?” Went through the other two, come back to the bunny and WHAM! OMG that is some funny stuff! What a difference a banana makes. I’m still laughing!

  2. kittentoes

    Actually laughing out loud rather helplessly.

  3. Pam

    Actually, it’s not that bad. Sliding the banana ears closer together and ditto for his teeth, he’d be recognizable, if a bit “dramatic squirrel” looking. Perhaps the extra banana eyeballs would have been better left off…..

    • MayFix It

      maybe just turning the nose the other way around, like pictured, would help a bit…

  4. Jenn

    This should probably be marked “user error”. The original pin shows cantaloupe for ears (not bananas) and only blueberries for eyes (no banana).

  5. Dawn

    Omg sitting in a public space, then seeing this pic, trying not to laugh but that makes me snicker and snort so much louder, face red, tears flowing….can’t breeeeath! People staring-I’m thinking I’m gonna get hauled away…ooohhh I needed that! (don’t worry it’s more recognizable than anything I could create!)

  6. Lucy

    Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing. So funny but I feel bad about how much I am laughing.

  7. Char

    This has made my day…so funny ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. heidi

    Everytime I look at this picture I die laughing. This is just awesome

  9. Nikki

    This poor little pancake bunny sent me into a fit of laughter. I;ll have to come back to look at him when times are hard and I feel a little down. Thank you, Amy O. Thank you.

  10. Jason

    LOVE IT!!! gonna get me in trouble at work.. cant stop laughing… my son would love the one you made!

  11. Kathy

    Hahahahahahahahaha….I can’t stop laughing!! thank you for making my day!!

  12. Karin

    I think it’s sweet. What a fun thing to do for your children. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a professional did it. I bet your kids loved it.

  13. MonaJM

    LOL Thank you, I really needed that giggle today, bless your heart for trying ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. hols

    Haven’t seen this one for a couple of weeks – but still think it’s the best yet – TOO FUNNY!

  15. mesqsandra

    I have tears in my eyes. This is the funniest thing I have seen this week. Thanks for sharing!

  16. michelle

    Your awesome….thank you for sharing

  17. Bev

    OMG it’s 1.30am n I’m in hysterics

  18. MesqSandra

    It’s even funnier upon a second viewing. Hope she wasn’t traumatized. Happy holidays!

  19. raison

    that is a pretty *EVIL* pancake >.<"

  20. Stacy

    By the the funniest fail EVER! I am crying over here… get an A for effort though!

  21. OHSue

    Wow, is your kid scared of Easter bunnies now? Thanks for the laugh.

  22. DYING

    omg that is so funny made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Tammie

    It’s not entirely bad. Maybe he’s just bunny’s meth-head cousin?

  24. Zanadu

    Just showed this to my hubby, and he said “Hey that looks like a Jackalope!” I think that using what you had on hand was very clever! Good job, and thank you so much for the giggles!

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