21 Oct

User Error: Crustless Pizza

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Pin Reaper: Valleryy911

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Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/43417583881054005/, via http://healthylowcarbliving.com/weight-loss/my-dinner-tonight-skillet-pizza/


What I Did: I like pizza….I’m in the market to save a few carbs so Skillet Pizza? Yes please!!!

It looked so simple. So like a true caveman, I followed the pictures. I didn’t read the directions and melted my cheese with pepperoni on top in a skillet. I let the edges get a little brown like the picture. I failed to realize the important step of “letting it cool and set up”. It didn’t slip easily onto my plate, but onto my plate it went. (I was hungry!)

*optional sauce on the side for dipping. happy pinning!

My Result:

pinterest fail low carb pizza cheese skillet

Next Time I Will:  COMPLETELY SALVAGEABLE. Stop being greedy – sheesh! Let it set up and cool slightly and you’ll have your low carb pizza goodness. :)



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  1. coocoo says:

    I always felt the cheese is more fattening than some bread :-) I bet it was yummy though! I love pizza!

    1. Annoyed says:

      Seriously? How does “I didn’t read the instructions” even make it onto a fail page? You can’t FAIL if you don’t even TRY.

      1. thedeathchocolates says:

        Annoyed- It says ‘User Error’ in the title. New way of classifying pinterest fails that are because of not following instructions. STILL FUNNY.

        1. Annoyed says:

          I’m not laughing. How is it funny when people don’t follow instructions? This is dribble.

          1. happymommy says:

            Looks perfectly good to me! :) The only thing the pinner did not do was let it cool, so if you are so annoyed, move on to something else. I’m just happy to see this one so I can give it a try myself on those nights when I don’t feel like actually cooking! Thanks for sharing your pin fail! :)

            1. Ju says:

              Annoyed – I think the word you’re after is ‘drivel’. It isn’t dribble. Dribble is what babies do, and sometimes grown ups in their sleep. Or when waiting for a really good pizza ;)

              1. Carole says:

                Has anybody else ever wondered how many”fails” or errors the original pinner went through before posting that great looking “final” result? If at first you don’t succeed…

                1. Meesh says:

                  It’s funny when people don’t follow instructions when one sees the humor in assuming. and has a good grasp of extrospection.

                  1. KAE says:

                    I have done this and it looked like the picture. This person didn’t cook it long enough.

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