02 Oct

Fail: Smiley Apples

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Pin Reaper: AndreaY

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/287456388686288262/


What I Did: This cute kid snack looked so easy. No forethought required! I slapped it together on the fly without giving thought to the width of the apple slices or the placement of the marshmallows or the amount of peanut butter.

My Result:

pinterest fail marshmallow peanut butter apple smile smiley

Next Time I Will:  I would have a naturally stylish and artistic gene transplanted to my DNA so that these things would come effortlessly. On the other hand, this makes me laugh so much every time I see it that maybe it was worth the fail.




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  1. Rachel says:

    This is excellent! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Randy says:

      Just say these are your Arkansas Smiley Apples, but make sure you take out a couple of the marshmallows.

      1. Naomi C says:

        I think the messed up one looks great for Halloween. They look like monster teeth… :D

        1. Beth says:

          I love this so much. I keep looking and laughing and, frankly, it’s far better in a funny way than the original. Though, I can’t figure out why the size of the slice would make such a huge difference but it’s got to be SOMETHING that makes it so much funnier. Even in the marshmallows were straight I still think it would be funny. I wouldn’t change a thing :)

          1. Annie says:

            i love it! i think they are better than the magazine, they look creepier, for Halloween!

            1. Rad says:

              Haha, I thought these were dentures at first. They make a good Halloween treat!

              1. kath says:

                certainly made me smile, good try


                i have seen people with real teeth worse than this,at least you can eat these.

                1. anon says:

                  The only one that made me laugh so far!

                  1. blu_canary says:

                    I keep going back to the picture and laughing. Do not do the effortless DNA thing because this was SO much better!

                    1. Karen Churn says:

                      Guffaw! I love yours way better than the original.

                      1. Dawn says:

                        LOL edible Bubba teeth! This made my day! I prefer the “fail” over the real thing!

                        1. Patrick says:

                          I think yours looks more fun! The originals are the creepy looking ones. Thanks for the laugh!

                          1. Mandina says:

                            Yours are better than the original, for Halloween. Great job, and I’d give it a win, not a fail!

                            1. Ju says:

                              spot on! who needs perfect teeth?!

                              1. Dennize says:

                                Hahaha I think they look great zombified LOL better than the fancy ones !!!!

                                1. claudia says:

                                  I like yours much better. Makes me laugh every time I look at them. The p-nut butter makes them look like gum disease. You could call them Appalachian Smiley Teeth!

                                  1. Amy says:

                                    I cannot stop laughing! BTW, I think the apple with the Bubba teeth looks better anyway.

                                    1. Kelli says:

                                      OMG I’m snorting over here! Thank you for posting this, it made my day! :)

                                      1. Heather says:

                                        I laughed til I cried!

                                        1. SiennaS says:

                                          This is great! I am practically laughing out of my chair!

                                          1. Alana says:

                                            I tried them for Halloween, with scarily similar results! I was crying with laughter then, and I am now too, so thanks for the reminder!

                                            1. Anna says:

                                              Ahaha! SO funny! braces anyone?

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