Fail: Fabric Spray Paint Makeover

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What I Did: After using 4 cans of fabric spray paint, the pattern on the upholstery was not covering at all. I decided this was an excellent giving up point.

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My Result:

pinterest fail fabric spray paint chair makeover

Next Time I Will:  It MIGHT work if the fabric was light and NOT patterned.




  1. Christin

    I actually think it looks kind of good! I like that you can see the pattern through the new color, but that the pattern is now just an outline. Maybe not an entire fail, depending on how you could make this work with your decor.

  2. shea

    this is not a fail! i’d totally buy the spray painted one!
    sure the pattern is still there, but it’s no longer kitschy!
    it’s clean and almost classy… almost…

  3. Cyndra

    Yeah, the spray painted chair looks nice and would work as an accent piece in a room with less embellished furniture. I really like it.

  4. anon

    It’s not what you wanted but it’s not terrible. In fact as the others say, I think it’s pretty nice too.

  5. Vicki

    I actually really like the way the pink chair looks! I like it better then the original – this is not a fail IMO.

  6. Ju

    I like this look! I once dyed some floral knickers and got the same effect. less cool…..

  7. Cynthia Rielley

    I love it!

  8. Charlotte

    AW, you ruined that beautiful chair.

  9. Ari

    Maybe you could use fabric paint in black/grey and paint the flowers in? Then it would look more intentional.

  10. MonaJM

    when painting on a patterned fabric I guess you need to do a white or tinted base coat then add the color, that is what I had to do when painting a wood paneled play room, I used SO much expensive paint trying to get it a deep rich color, and then the Sherwin Williams clerk said,” oh, I should have mentioned it needed to have a white or tinted base coat first” !! the other walls did great

  11. ShabbychicMom

    I Love it!! Sell it! It might not be your style, but others will really appreciate it!! 🙂

  12. Kami Clark

    Lol! I did buy it! I took my daughter’s 3 year old pictures in this chair our in a sunflower field. Then sold it to a photographer! Now I come across it as a Pinterest fail. Too funny!

  13. Shellie

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m planning on painting all the old wing back chairs in my house. I’ve been debating spray fabric paint versus chalkboard paint. Now I’m thinking the chalkboard paint is the way to go. Lots more steps to chalkboard, but it is cheaper, there’s a wider variety of paint-color choices if you add chalkboard additive to regular paint, and the results I’ve seen from others who have tried it looks beautiful.

  14. Tawny

    I agree, it looks pretty cool! But yeah just too much of a contrast between the background and the flowers to cover with something like that. I’m doing a chair right now that I tried using the chalk paint but 2 jars later (and I was going from a gold color to taupe) the old color still shows through. It’s probably just because that particular fabric just sucks up the paint. I ended up buying regular paint and doing the home made chalk paint mixture (with plaster of paris) and it is working so much better!

  15. greg

    You should try Simply Spray Fabric Paint for Upholstery. It is specially made for absorbent materials.

  16. Beth McKenzie

    I loved this whole post. I laughed so hard not because I would do a better job, no quite the opposite. Because I would do just as well if not worse. My coworkers could attest to this i am not being modest. Thanks for being brave and posting this for the sake of humor. You never know I might submit a fail… just have to have to time and energy to get R done.

  17. Emily

    Maybe I’m missing something but when you compare the before and after pictures…all the flowers appear to have changed places? How is that possible? Are you sure that’s the same chair?

    • Sur

      Hi, your totally right! It’s not the same chair at all! The patterns different on both chairs and the legs are different too losers! !

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